Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Spotlight Eye Candy

Joanna Thomas Art Dolls

Marie Antoinette

Joanna Thomas, insanely talented, one of a kind doll artist is the first subject for my weekly Sunday Spotlight. I met Joanna (virtually) approximately seven years ago on another polymer artists forum group and over the years have come to know her as just as beautiful a person as the incredible little figures she creates.


Every figure I see of Joanna's, regardless if it is a small faerie, a delicate dancer, enchanting story book lass, or one of her little ladies, is so inspiring. The attention she pays to detail in all aspects of her work is so evident just with a quick glance at a picture of one of her figures. But, a quick glance is never enough - from the perky little hats to the coordinating bases, there is so much to take in.

Flower Pixie

Joanna sculpts from polymer clay and handpaints the faces, including the soulful eyes. She designs and handmakes the clothing out of delicious silks, laces and other delicate fabrics. She doesn't advertise that under the outer costume of each doll, is a complete set of undergarments, to rival the finest that any woman of the ton would have possessed. Not only is this artist a sculptor and costume designer, but she is also a cobbler - each tiny shoe is handcrafted, usually from leather by Joanna.


Joanna sculpts elaborately costumed Little Ladies, using historical reference as inspiration. She creates delicate small
faeries, enchanting storybook figures, graceful dancers and tiny dollhouse sized pieces.

Periwinkle - Faerie

Mon Alice - Storybook

Odile - Dancer

Young Girl - The Minis

Joanna's newest piece, (I'm absolutely in love with this one):


Looking at the above pictures, I'm sure you can understand how this very talented and creative artist is such an inspiration to me.

It is no surprise that as soon as a piece is listed in Joanna's Etsy shop, Inchelina, it is sold and that she is also kept busy with commission work.

To see more of Joanna's delightful creations, please visit her site, here


Zan Asha said...

Yes, we love Joanna. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen all of her dolls, but they are truly wonderful::::sigh::::need to save money for all of this great art!

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

I LOVE Joanna and her dolls!! :) She is as swees as her little darlings and ALWAYS an inspiration!!! Her little ladies are breathtaking and magical and I feel honored to be friends with her.
Oh ya......did I mention how much I love her:)


Anonymous said...

Joanna is someone I'd love to meet in person! I think she has a very special vision of her dolls and she executes with such beauty and style!

3rdEyeMuse said...

wow! those are some serious pieces of eye candy!! thank you sooo much for featuring her ... must go look right NOW!

Anonymous said...

Always love Joanna's work, she never goes wrong *sigh* *jealous* Thanks for the weekend eye candy.

daphnelwilliams said...

Her doll are an inspiration! She is very talented and I love to see her new work and find myself drooling every time I see

Denise said...

I am always amazed by her work. From the faces and features to the costuming. She is one of my favorite artists!

dollproject said...

Wonderful feature :]. Joanna is a master in costuming, details and sweetness (among other things). It is always a delight to see her works!

Lotti said...

I love the work from Joanna Thomas. My favourite is Marie Antoinette. She is so cute. I say what? All of them are delightful.

Many greetings,

Amariah said...

I think that these are just beautiful. I wish I had time to learn how to work with polymer!

Lezlei Ann Young said...

Wow! I just discovered Joanna on ADO and spent time looking at her WONDERFUL creations. What talent! What detail!



Light and Shadow Studio said...

You are not kidding about her being insanely talented. Just amazing! Thanks for the time to visit and leave a comment about my crown. I am still laughing. Her majesty, Tammy

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Hi Sue,
My Trick or Treat Surprizes are ready to ship! Please come to my blog and find my email link under the copyright statement and send me your shipping info!
Sorry, I thought I had left this comment yesterday, but I see it never posted.....blogger hiccups!!! hehehe

Kims Art said...

I have had so much to catch up on! I just love your blog! You work so hard and each visit is such a treat! These dolls are such inspiration. You can feel the love that went into each tiny detail. Your dolls have that same feeling!

Pearl said...

So wonderful are her pieces, oh those faces and the costumes are just a delight. Amazing talent!

Renee said...

Sue what a treat. Thank you.

This world of dolls that some of you create is so amazing to me.

The above dolls are particularly haunting and beautiful.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Her dolls are beautiful!