Sunday, July 25, 2010

Taking It On The Cuff

Cuffs......found everywhere...





even cufflinks and...

Diane Knott

great wrist cuffs........

.....there are cuffs on hats, sweaters, socks and if you check on Etsy you can even find cuffs for coffee cups and boots.

One cuff I did not know about until last Thursday was the Rotator Cuff
If someone had mentioned this to me, I would have assumed it was something mechanical connected with a car. I was soon to find out that the four tendons that give your shoulder muscles, bones, socket etc mobility are called the Rotator Cuff - and if you injure this (through exercise as I did), it hurts like hell.

My right arm (of course!), the one with my carpal tunnel impaired hand, is now further 'embellished' with a torn rotator cuff. I'm chugging Advil (can't take anything with codeine), applying hot and cold, and trying to find new ways to brush my hair and even get dressed. And my potty-mouth is overflowing. Luckily my arm should get better over time, (some tears require surgery) and I'm hoping that means soon! The lack of mobility (can not raise my arm) and the constant pain especially when I am trying to sleep is horrible.

What is with me and my right arm/hand probs?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back Online

.....and trying to juggle my time today in catching up with stuff after three days without internet.

A massive storm system ripped through our area very late on Sunday and knocked out internet service for most of the day. Unfortunately, when the internet came back - it was not restored to my computer. Power surge bar, etc., was no help with lightening that somehow fried part of my modem.

I'm back online now - gosh it feels weird when you can't access the internet - and will do my best today to catch up on various blog posts....although from the looks of the huge amount of posts I've missed, please understand if I don't leave any comments.

Wishing everyone a fabulous day ...I'm a bit wary as the forecast this afternoon is for more storms

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ideas and Inertia

Does this ever happen to you? You have a bunch of creative ideas that you want to get going on, however none of them are using the same materials and you just can't make up your mind
which to get started on first? The more you 'think on it', the more overwhelmed you become, so that it almost seems easier to not do anything?

I'm at this point at the moment. My work room is very small so I tend to work on one type of thing at a time. I don't have a lot of space to mess up ..... and invariably I DO make a huge mess.

Not helping is the return of very hot, very humid weather complete with thunder storms. I work in my little room with the door closed, something that seems to annoy my cat and dog <----- the reason for the closed door ~ my little studio is NOT their playroom. When it is hot and humid, the air conditioner does not reach into my room and when it is storming, my puppy insists on plastering himself to my legs. If I am in my room, the constant scratching at the door and barking to "let me in ma", tends to stifle any ounce of creativity.

(Finley hiding from a storm in a small alcove area last year.)

My creative juices are flowing, I have a strong urge to start something, but can't seem to take that first step. Frustrating.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Swim Buddy

The hot, humid weather is making its way back to Ontario and when I went out to the pool this afternoon I discovered this little guy dog paddling like crazy in the water. At first I thought it was a mouse then noticed the stripes on its fur. I fished him out with the skimmer thinking he would take off immediately, however he lie draped over the side for at least 20 minutes.

I think he was exhausted (don't know how long he had been trying to navigate around the pool with his little head above water and his little front paws paddling like mad). After approx. 10 minutes he started to shiver. The sun was beating down on him quite hot so maybe he was in shock? Would love to know how animals think.

Chipmunks around here are not overly friendly with people, however this little guy let me stroke his back without moving. Funnily enough, after stroking his back, his shivering seemed to settle down. After about 20 minutes I moved the skimmer abit and he seemed to come out of whatever trance state he was in.

Very wobbly, he clung to the sides of the skimmer and eventually at one end...

....pulled himself up on the edge, and (I guess) got up the nerve to leave his safety net.

He stayed in this position in the grass for quite awhile and finally I went in the house for lunch. I came out later, thinking I may find him still there with a nice, fluffy, dry coat but he had gone off (maybe to bigger adventures?).

I'm glad I was able to rescue this little fella. We often get small wildlife in the pool (last week it was a mouse and also a baby rabbit). Unfortunately by the time we see them, it is usually too late.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Down Time - Literally

Yesterday morning dawned cooler and very, very wet. It had rained most of the night and at 8:50 a.m. it was still coming down. I had grand plans to finish any computer work early and then spend most of the day in my studio. Didn't happen.

Just before 9:00 a.m. there was a large bang and the power went out. My computer room is in the basement (no windows), the same as my studio room (no windows). Everything was pitch dark and with the bang (and shaking) I thought something had come down on the house. The house was fine, however one of the 100 year old maples across the street had lost half of it's "body" due to the rain (and obviously rot).

I'm not sure what the bang was, however part of one of the transformers on the pole ended up across the street and at the top of our front lawn.

Yesterday was also garbage day and one of the garbage truck drivers decided rather than backing up and taking another street to get back on his collection route, he would careen around the hydro workers and use my neighbour's lawn as a speedway. He did the same thing on the way back down the street. Stupid.

Hydro was restored early afternoon, but for some reason, I had no internet until later last night. I did get some work done in my studio once the lights came back on though.

Today is gorgeous, sunny and hot, but not the unbearable, sweltering heat of last week, and NO humidity. Hope everyone is having a great day!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

HOT Stuff

YES it's hot!! Just like the northern Eastern States, Ontario is blanketed by a torrid heat wave. We are in our fourth day of extreme heat and humidity. Currently the temp is 90F (32C), however with the humidity it feels like 106F (41C). The nights have not been cooling down like they should be either.

We had an overnight guest - this 5" long dragonfly decided to rest on our front door screen for over 24 hours. Opening and shutting the door and actually stroking his back would not budge him. I have a feeling that heat exhaustion must have got to him LOL.

It is so hot that you don't want to even sit and soak up the sun (especially if you are dressed in a wool bathingsuit!)

A dip in the local pool might refresh - but then again, leave the wool bathing suit at home! (Is there anything worse than wet wool against hot skin?!)

We have air conditioning and I am relatively comfortable if I stay inside however my little studio room is very warm and not conducive to working, soooooo I have been spending some time discovering new (to me) artists and blogs. The blogs I will share in another post, but because I thought the work of this artist was very 'cool', thought I would post about her now.

Kate MacDowell, hand builds her sculpts in porcelain. From her statement on her site:

These pieces are in part responses to environmental stressors including climate change, toxic pollution, and gm crops.

To see more of her intricately beautiful creations and learn about this very talented artist, please visit her website.

Yesterday was Frida Kahlo's birthday, and one of my favorite quotes by her is......

"Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?"

A happy belated birthday wish to a beautiful icon of the art world, and with the above quote in mind, I would like to share this inspiring video of a young Texas gal that has not let adversity cripple her in any way.

Lizzie is a 21 year old university student who weighs only 61 lbs - she eats constantly (up to 5,000 calories a day) but can not gain weight. She is also blind in one eye and she does not 'look like everyone else'. I think she is amazing.

Stay cool and enjoy the day!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A State of Mind

Alegria, means "jubilation" in Spanish and refers to a state of mind and mood in the highly entertaining Cirque du Soleil show. For my birthday in May, I received tickets to this show. Hubby and I went into 'the city' (Toronto) this afternoon, saw the show, loved it and then went to one of our daughter's for dessert and coffee. A super afternoon and a great way to end the Canadian long holiday weekend. Note: if you have never been to a Cirque du Soleil show, do yourself a favour and get tickets. Sheer entertainment!

Speaking of jubilation......

HAPPY July 4th to all my US friends!

Maybe not feeling 'jubilant', but feeling lucky?

Check out Julie's blog, My Curious Teaparty, for a visual treat and a chance to win one of three separate fabulous pieces of art from this talented artist.

Still feeling lucky - and charitable? Well....

...the very talented Abi Monroe has an art doll giveaway with a twist!
Please check out Abi's blog to get the particulars on this giveaway to benefit the Abilene Animal Rescue group.

And, we all know how giving makes one feel JUBILANT! My friend Linda from Nun of A Kind created delightful angel ornaments to sell in her Etsy shop with 100% of the proceeds going towards the Victorian Order of Nurses.

Please visit Linda's blog to read the heartwarming story that led to the creation of these adorable little angel ornies. Then visit her website or her Etsy shop to purchase a single ornament or a set of 4. I purchased a set of 4 and they are wonderful - will look lovely on the tree or attached to a gift or card for the holidays (or any occasion).

Lastly (for today) I would like to thank the very creative and talented Lynn Stevens from Trash to Treasure Art for bestowing the
Beautiful Blogger Award on me. Lynn thank you SO much!

One of the rules of this award is to list ten things about me, so here we go........

1. I'm addicted to red seedless grapes (this has replaced my addiction to chocolate.
2. I'm a very tactile person - I HAVE to touch things.
3. I'm fascinated by eagles, owls, bats and dragonflies (but I'm terrified of flying in a plane)
4. The heat and humidity of the summer just doesn't do it for me ..give me a brisk autumn day.
5. I collect (and occasionally sell) antique and vintage clothing.
6. I loathe gardening
7. I'm a sop - an amazing show, picture, commercial, etc., will choke me up.
8. I'm a nighthawk and don't like sleeping.
9. Chronological age doesn't mean anything to me (I was, am and will remain 25).
10. I have a passion for history and nostalgia (in which case the 25 years old does not apply).

Because I know a lot more than 10 beautiful bloggers, there is no way that I can pick between everyone to pass this award on to. If you wish, please grab this award for your blog. You ARE beautiful!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day


Today, July 1st 2010 celebrates Canada's 143rd birthday and despite my dismay in some of the G20 shenanigans last weekend, I am so proud to live in this unique, diversified and wonderful country.

And because I think this is one of the most brilliant Canadian commercials of all time and certainly ties in with Canada Day...I end this post with "Joe"

Wishing my fellow Canucks a safe, fun and happy Canada Day and holiday weekend!!