Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't Miss Out!

On the fifth and final annual OWOH Blog Event!

Are you participating this year?  It is such a fun event and you meet so many diverse people from all over the world.  You discover art and talents that you may not even be aware of, and you have a chance at winning a special treasure from each blogger.  I enjoyed this so much last year!

Haven't heard of this?  Click yourself over to the amazing Lisa's (The Whimsical Bohemian) site for all the nitty and gritty on OWOH

Due to mitigating (do people really use that word? Other than me, I mean LOL).  Anyway, due to circumstances beyond my control I will not be participating this year, although I will be visiting some of the blogs that are participating (as time permits).

I would like to thank Lisa for creating and hosting OWOH!  What a huge amount of time and work over the past five years, and I know so many people that appreciate this.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Nicole moved back to Toronto earlier this week, after almost 3 months of being here at home.  She is doing well, has had some further tests and we are awaiting results, but the plan is that she returns to work on Monday.
Before she left, I was looking forward to getting back to my routineI was looking forward to a return of normality.  After saying goodbye to her though, I felt sad.

I missed having coffee with Nicole, chatting about different art projects, even watching tv (something I rarely do).  I even miss her two cats, Mordecai (the Statesman)...

and Edward (the Terminator)

These two formed a weird dynamic with my kitty Juno and my dog Finley.  Juno seemed to have 'a thing' for Mordy, who would hiss and spit at her.  Edward had 'a thing' for Juno who would hiss and spit at him and Finley wanted to play with all of them.  Unfortunately, 
because the felines had their own strange threesome going on, they were not interested in including a smelly, panting, tail wagging canine.

I'm actually missing having four animals tear around this house - well maybe not when I'm trying to sleep!

I am looking forward to getting my studio back in order and finishing a Kindred (that I should have finished before Christmas)  and starting on some new pieces.  I want to try my hand at making some eyes and also an idea I have for wings.  I also have to get back to an exercise routine.  I have not exercised (or watched my diet) for three months now.  I don't look quite like this (and I don't mean because I am female)

  but I soon will if I don't get movin'!

So, I need to shake this feeling of listlessness

and regain my energy and motivation

Hoping everyone has an awesome weekend!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


The past week has been very busy and I've had little time for my studio or the computer.  I have been on Facebook a bit, but my blog and blogger friends have been terribly ignored.
Next week should be better as far as time goes and I'm looking forward to getting caught up.
For now though I want to leave you all with this.........

A timeless, beautiful song and a timely, powerful message.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

Stardust wishes to all for a most awesome
*~* 2011 *~*