Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Anachonism

The Anachronism (Full Film) from Anachronism Pictures on Vimeo.

A steampunk themed short (15 minute award winning film) that I thought some of you may enjoy. This film has just been released online this month and I was thrilled to have finally been able to see it. One of my daughter Nicole's best friends, Dusty Hagerud, was the Production Designer on it and he also won a Leo award for it.

I'm off to my studio to finish up my Spring Faerie, hoping everyone is having a beautiful day.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Some Monday Moments

Had a good weekend, the weather Saturday was lovely and I did some thrifting before doing some work outside.

What possessed me to purchase this? It is probably the tackiest thing I have ever spent money on and fortunately it wasn't very much.
I do like kitsch and whimsy, but this velvet rug/runner is beyond the pale - maybe I can "gift" it to someone LOL

A cute little summer bag.

Fabulous sheared beaver mantle from the 1800s

Last week the Baroness Bijoutery did a blog post on proms
and while I was searching through some of my old pic files for my senior year prom I came across these pics of a fabulous 1945 three-piece, pinstriped, doublebreasted suit that I found several years ago at Salvation Army for an insanely cheap price. The label in the jacket states that this was for "Mr. Everett", the style is "prom" and the date is 1945.

I still have the suit and wonder who Mr. Everett was. Did he just return from the war? Did he wear this to a prom? Or maybe it was for a wedding? I hope whomever he was, he had a great time wearing this!

On the subject of proms....My senior year prom. I went with my bf of several years (later became my hubby, whoohooo). Now, talk about sickenly the time, I thought this was just a fabulous idea (I was young). I made my dress which was pink dotted swiss, empire waist, puffed sleeves and I also made a little matching drawstring purse.

For over-the-top sugariness, I added curled white and pink ribbons to my hair and false nails to give my fingers some glamour. Paul doesn't look overly impressed....

Back to this weekend. Yesterday was gloomy and I worked on my ADO Spring Challenge piece. She is a little faerie and yesterday I tried a new method (for me) in making the wings. I had never used fantasy film before, and am not sure that I like it. I think I just have to get used to working with it. These are the wings (below) that are almost done - I want to add some squiggly fronds to the top part of them at the base.

I also started repainting her face as I was not happy with the eyes. Have a bunch of errands to run today, but hope to get back to her later on. The month is almost over (yikes, where did it go?) and she has to be completed by then.

Hope everyone has an amazing Monday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Plant a tree....hug a tree.....treasure Earth

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Short Interval


My hubby decided to upgrade my computer this past weekend with Windows 7 and also to clone my hard drive because everytime he is away on a trip I seem to pick up a nasty on the internet

Previous to my forced computer break, I had been looking for some new music to download from iTunes.

I really like this gal, Laura Powers. She sings soft, ethereal songs that are perfect listening when I'm working on fantasy, faerie pieces.

I haven't watched American Idol this year, but two? three? years ago Jason Castro was one of my faves. He has a debut album coming out on April 27. Happy, fun, summer music:

Finally, Scissor Sisters have a new album coming out in June. Some of their music I really like, some not so much. I AM really liking this new track of their's - takes me back to disco and the 80s (in a good way).

I'm hoping to get caught up on everyone's blogs over the next day or so and once my pic files are transferred over I'm hoping to post another entry here. I'm hoping that everyone had a fabulous weekend and am wishing everyone an absolutely incredible week!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



(almost forgot to do this today!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Spring Has Sprung!!

Fresh warm breezes, gaily chirping birds, flowers (and weeds) popping up everywhere! Spring is definitely here and the weather in Ontario has been amazing. A bit of rain here and there, but for the most part, it has been warm and sunny.

After a very busy weekend I really wanted to get out today. I could have started raking the lawn, but that was too much like work....

I had to go down to the post office and decided to first continue on to the end of the main street and visit our lake and park.


Black and white pics don't really convey the freshness of the day (I did not have my camera with me), so use your imagination to colourize these. LOL


To fully appreciate the blooming buds, I maybe could have tried climbing one of the trees....however neither my figure or my bones are as young and supple as this gal's appear to be and the thought of the fire department having to rescue me? ugh....

Left the park and went back up the main street to the post office. Everyone I met on the street seemed happy - had to have been the weather.

I do live in a rather quaint small town, but it isn't totally hicksville and we do have cars now.


And we really do have a lake at the end of the main street with a park (and gazebo)....


Back home and I guess I should start thinking about supper then I have to get to work on my Spring Challenge piece for ADO (Art Dolls Only).

I did a post about a year ago on a little fae that I sculpted using some old Prosculpt that had been from a defective batch. I kept her, thinking that sometime I would play around with paints to see if I could save her.

Below is the point I'm at with her now. She has had several undercoats of Golden Titan Buff, some burnt umber rubbing and shading and one coat of blue interference. I think I'm going to add some green interference too. I've started to paint her face and tonight hope to get to the point of picking out fabrics for her costume.

My trip to the post office today was to mail my Guardian of Broken Hearts piece to the US. This is the tag I made for her on the weekend. I'm really enjoying creating these for my sold pieces. I do have to get some proper photo paper for printing the image though - the plain old white paper doesn't give the proper definition.

I hope everyone is also having an excellent day!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I haven't had any hang tags for awhile for my pieces and have recently started making my own.

Blank commercially produced shipping tags would be the best way to go, however the closest Staples is several towns away from me, so I copied some templates off the internet, sandwiched several pieces of paper together, cut out and glued, stained, painted, added some embellishments, the pic of the piece, sealed and voila...individual hang tags for each piece.

The back of the tag has any pertinent information (i.e. name of the piece, date and my name). These are a lot of fun to make and I love that each one applies to only one unique piece.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

I had some wonderful vintage photos, which I will have to save now for next year. A few things have come up this weekend which has greatly limited my computer time (frownie face). I would like to wish everyone a beautiful Easter!