Wednesday, May 13, 2009

~ Gifts and Tags ~


I have dismal luck at winning give-aways on blogs, however in the last couple of weeks my luck has improved! The first item I

won was a charming tussy-mussy from Tristan Robin Blakeman, that I blogged about in April.

The main thing I like about winning giveaways is the fact that the goodies that arrive are always such a wonderful surprise. They are items made from the imagination and hands of the giver, and are always unique and an item to treasure. I had two such items arrive in my mail yesterday.

(google image)

The first item was a fabulous steampunk inspired heart pin created by the very talented Pattee at Odd-Dolls. I am fascinated with the whole steampunk genre and ideology and just love this!

My second wonderful piece to arrive yesterday was from Marie at My Little World and is a delightful two sided Halloween ornie. Love the painting on this and the crackle effect!

I'm thrilled with both my Tuesday gifts and thank Pattee and Marie so much!

On to Tags

I have been tagged by two awesome and talented fellow bloggers. Michelle, at The Studio at Crow Haven Farm and Caroline at Caroline's Crafts. Please visit their blogs for lots of fun stuff and info!

How the tagging works. First I mention and link to the blog(s) that have tagged me. I then have to list 6 items that make me happy, and lastly, tag six other bloggers and let them know that they are now "it".

Six Things that Make Me Happy

1. my family
2. my puppy and kitty
3. Autumn
4. playing with clay
5. the smell of old lace and peppermint
6. looking for vintage treasures

I Am Tagging

* Linda at Nun of a Kind
*Lezlei at Breath of Art

My router has been giving me grief the past couple of days and I am so happy to have gotten through this post without it crapping out on me. Before I tempt the fates of internet connections, I will leave you all with a wish for a Happy Day and Evening!


Tristan Robin said...

What fab wins!
I love steampunk style - and wish that I understood it better so I could do some of that genre work. I've tried - but it's not 'right.' I definitely need a workshop - or, at the least, a really really good in-depth definition.
That Hallowe'en pin a hoot - I just love the way the mouth has the date in it! OOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Congrats ... sounds like your winning luck has turned around! I had the same thing happen to me. I never win ANYthing ANYwhere. BUT. Since blogging, I've won several delightful prizes! I think blogging brings good Karma. ;-)

The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

Wow, from Pattee (that heart is beautiful)and she is so freaking talented. I love her art work, and Marie, again amazing talented woman there! You lucky GIRL! I love your pictures that you have posted here...Vintage is awesome! I also noticed that you love Autumn...I knew I love you! LOL Enjoy your gifts and thanks for posting these wonderful photographs and sharing your giveaways with all of us!

Anonymous said...

I 'm glad you like the pin Sue, that makes me very happy~

Nun of a Kind! said...

What lovely prizes you have won! I will be checking out those stores. Thanks for the tagging...will try to get to that soon! By the way, where on earth do you find those great photos? Always lots of "eye candy" on your blog!

Denise said...

love the gifts! I saw Marie's ornaments in art group and they are outstanding little spinner ornaments. Love that steampunk pendant too. I have not had opportunity to fully understand that genre yet but it certainly has me intrigued.

michelleK said...

Wow love the steampunk pin. Congratz on the wins. And comiserations on the dodgy internet connection. I so totally understand. Not the same problem but I work on a sattelite connection ughh!!!!

Renee said...

Hello doll.

Love your gifts you lucky duck.

Now on to Pattee. Isn't she the nicest person. I have absolutely fallen in love with her.

Love Renee xoxo

Anonymous said...

Aw thanks Renee.... as I you....
Thanks for posting that here on Sue's Blog...

Sue you are one of the nicest persons also : )

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff, congrats!! ☺

Lezlei Ann Young said...

What wonderful gifts!

And thanks for tagging me (xoxoxoxo)...I had to run to Sacramento, CA yesterday...I will be back at home on Sunday and will do my list and tags!
Thank you!!!


3rdEyeMuse said...

that's some seriously wonderful goodies you've gotten - what an awesome heart! here's hoping this is just the beginning of your winning streak. :)

Zan Asha said...

Oooh, lucky you! Such wonderful gifts! :)