Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Something Nice This Way Comes

(my dad's dog Reggee, who thought it was nice to bring us big sticks)

Sadly, Reggee is no longer with us so no more big sticks. My Dad's new pup, a cocker spaniel, thinks popscycle sized ones are big enough.

This post is not about dogs and sticks though. It is about surprises, prizes and awards. In my mail today was a prize from Eugena of Polymer Clay Chameleon. Every day without fail, Eugena profiles a different polymer clay artist and I am in awe at the variety and talent of work that she features. My prize from Eugena came beautifully packaged, with a gorgeous card showing one of Eugena's own works. I received a wonderful chameleon necklace made by Eugena. I love chameleon's they are rather comical little creatures I think.

The second surprise in my mail was an issue of Art Doll Quarterly that was gifted to me by very talented artist, and fellow ADO member, Paula Nerhaus. Visit Paula's blog to see some of her wonderfully offbeat and enchanting creations. ADQ is impossible for me to find, and I am going to subscribe to this magazine. In the meantime however, Paula sent me one. What a thoughtful, sweet thing to do!

I have a passion for antique lace, particularly beaded and/or metallic lace. I use a lot of this type of lace on my faeries.

A fellow member of Vintage Fashion Guild knows this and Mary Jane of Poppys Vintage Clothing, sent me this wonderful edwardian cuff (it is actually two pieces of 2" wide lace stitched together). Another very sweet and oh so thoughtful thing to do. Thank you Mary Jane!

Last, but definitely NOT least, Pattee of Odd-Dolls has awarded me with the Byrum Spiritual Art Award. This is a new award and I am so touched that Pattee thought of me. When Pattee notified me of this special award, she said, "you've just made a difference in my life." Aw, Pattee, you'll have me in tears! Thank you SO much.

This award can be passed on, or not. I will have to think about this, as there are so many people that have touched, inspired and brought richness to my life. I'm afraid my list would be too long to post. Pattee, I do so appreciate this award. I treasure it, and your friendship and all the friends I have met here in blogland since I started this blog in December. It is amazing and so enriching. I am blessed.


Anonymous said...

Lucky girl! Everything looks great and Reggee was adorable.

paula nerhus said...

I like the pay it forward idea...........very nice post. It sounds to me that your mail box was having a party! YEAH!!!! blessings paula

Anonymous said...

A party indeed!!! You are blessed because you do make a difference in peoples lives... and we all benefit~

Sprite said...

Aww what a wonderful mail day! Great stuff :) Congrats on the award you totally deserve it, always a pleasure visiting you :)


Renee said...

What a beautiful dog. And you were a lucky duck today. The gold lace is amazing.

By the way my parents weren't like that either thank God.


Renee said...

I am going to relook at the britains got talent guy with the saxaphone. I love him.


3rdEyeMuse said...

Sure does look like the universe is smiling brightly on you, Sue ... I'm happy as you so deserve the spoils! :)

Zan Asha said...

Sue--don't be so suprised--you are a sweetheart! Isn't it great when gifts come to you? I've had that kind of week too...it's very humbling! :)

dollproject said...

Yay! Beautiful treasures :]. You deserve some surprises Sue (the good kind!).