Saturday, July 4, 2009

*** July 4th ***

To all my American friends, I wish you a

Happy and Safe

4th of July Holiday!


Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Hi Sue! Love your graphic! Have a wonderful and creative day! Hugs, Marcie ;-)

Anonymous said...

That is the best picture I've ever seen of the flags! And doesn't the woman look happy!!!!!!!

4th of July is my most worst "holiday"....
Now Canada day that's much more my cup of tea.

Renee said...

Sue you are the only other person who loved the first picture best along with me.

I had Josephine sleep over yesterday and I felt inspired to put out some pictures of the old and the young.

love Renee xooxo

Abi said...

Happy 4th July! My sister-in-law showed my Mother-in-law my blog, and out of all the blogs I follow, she adores your gorgeous dolls! mind you, so do I!!

Pearl said...

Thank you and the same to you! This poor women has flags stuck in her skull! Ouch! What a way to go. Thanks for the comments on my page it means alot to me. warm regards pearl

nancye williams said...

Thank you for the greeting. Thanks for the comments and stopping by blog so often. I appreciate it.

Renee said...

Sue I love how the flags look like they are coming out of her head.


Love Renee