Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

It sure is great to be back on my computer after being away from it for a month. Unfortunately, I had very little computer time on the weekend so today, I am just now starting to catchup on emails, blogs and some of the groups I belong to.

It is great to catch up on the latest art doll and other news from my blog friends. I felt so out-of-touch!

It is amazing how much you can get done when you are not drawn to this machine though. I started and completed several pieces (most are for gifts and as such I can not post pics). I can post a pic of the piece I did for the Monster Under The Bed Swap that the lovely Zan from Wild at Heart Art organized. This is the first swap that I have participated in and I had so much fun! I did a ghostie kindred, Isabella with her dust bunny (she resides under the bed you see).

My swap partner was the very talented Diane MacNaughton. Please check out her blog, Dianie Mac Designs to find out more about this wonderfully artistic lady and to see more of her work. I was totally blown away by the piece she created for me.

A true Monster Under The Bed!

Isn't he wonderful! The detail and work involved in this piece is amazing! And check out the adorable expression on the little boy in the bed! I LOVE this and am so thrilled to have been paired up with Diane. (and she is not only artistic, but a lovely lady too) I am very proud and honoured to have one of her pieces in my collection.

Another thing I did while computer-less was paint our front porch (it stretches across the whole front of the house) and start decorating for Christmas. The porch still needs another coat and the window and door frames also have to be painted - that is going to have to wait until the Spring though.

All in all it was not that bad - but I sure am glad to be back!

I'm back in the studio tomorrow and working on some pieces for my etsy shop. Most of my orders are done now and my shop has been sorely neglected for months. It will be good to get product in it.


Baroness Bijoutery said...

Sue it is so good to see you back you have been missed...I'm glad you are back in your shop looking forward to seeing your Lovely Creations...You Ghosty Kindred is so sweet and I love the Dust Bunny...An that piece you got is Fantastic...Well welcome back....

Anonymous said...

Sue I'm so glad you are BACK!!! I love your swap and the the swap you got! Both are amazing!!!

The one of the invisible man with the tractor~he's painted next to the front right wheel ~it's amazing~

julie campbell said...

I love the swap pieces Sue ! Yours is just beautiful she is so sweet :0) and the one by Diane is amazing too !
Love your porch :0) I am in the middle of decorating my house now and cant wait to get my xmas decorations up, just wish I had a beautiful porch like that though !
julie xxx

Unknown said...

So glad you are back Sue!!!!!!!!!


Sea Gypsy said...

I am glad your back!!!! I just love Isabella and Dupree!!! The kindred's faces are just so sweet!!! Dianie work is just amazing!!! I just love your porch! You will have to share a pic when you have it decorated for Christmas! I met you last year during the OWOH(which should be coming up soon)and so glad I did! I enjoy my visits here so much! Have a beautiful day!

Kaerie Faerie said...

I've missed you, love your swap piece her face is so cute, your house looks lovely and like a fairy tale cottage.
Looking forward to seeing your new work

Deena said...

WOW - your swap with Diane looks like you both had great fun! Your Isabella is adorable!

Abi said...

Yeah, Sue is back :O) I love Isabella and I love your porch - that door is the best :O)

BumbleVee said...

thank goodness little Isabella isn't too scary...that other big guy was the one I thought for sure was always under MY bed! aaaaaa!!

Renee said...

Yahoo, I missed you darling. I knew something was up.

I'm like what, where the heck is Sue. Then I started calling "Sue, Sue, come out wherever you are."

The dolls are amazing, both dolls.

Love Renee xoxo

Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Hi Sue! Love your darling porch. Very chic how you have decorated it up.. Love it! Your skating children image is great too. Love those old retro images! ;-)

angela recada said...

I LOVE your porch! Oh, it is gorgeous, and reminds me of so many of the beautiful homes in your part of Ontario. Thank you for showing the lovely picture.

The dolls are fabulous!

Being on the computer does take way too much time away from more important things. I'm glad you were able to be so productive during your time away! I should do the same. . .

You asked how I like Facebook. I joined it originally so I could follow a group that no longer sent out newsletters and was only posting on Facebook. To be honest, I don't really like Facebook. It is less satisfying than blogging, and there are too many silly games and other frivolous time-wasters that people are constantly inviting you to be part of.

The one thing I might like about it is the ability to set up a "Fan Page." This is something you might like, because it's another way to promote your art. Once I get my act together, I'd like to start a Fan Page, because you can link it to your blog and it's less of a time-waster.

Take care.


Dave said...

Love your porch decorating; it has such an inviting feel. Would love to share it with our site visitors as well at Front Porch Ideas and if you'd be so inclined.