Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not A Wordless Wednesday

Rene Maltete

I have a couple of things to post about today, however this is the photo that I was planning on using for "Wordless Wednesday". How cute (and typical) is this!

Susan Seddon Boulet

I have been so fortunate over the last year to meet such wonderful bloggers. My life has truly been enriched.

One person that has made a big impact on my life is Renee of Circling My Head. Many of you know Renee through her very inspirational blog. Renee has gone through an extremely horrible rough patch lately with her own health, concerns about her sister's health and losing her mother and her beloved nephew. She is currently in the hospital in Winnipeg and dealing, (as I'm sure only Renee does with strength and humour) with a rather brutal upsurge of her stage 4 breast cancer. Please, if you have a moment, spare some prayers and/or healing thoughts for Renee so that she can soon return home to her family.

I would like to thank the very talented, beautiful Zan of Vagabond Creations for awarding me with the cheery Sunshine Award! I'm thrilled that you thought of me Zan, and I thank you!

In accepting this award, there are a couple of rules that I have to follow (nothing too strenuous, thank goodness!)

The Rules are:

- Put the logo on your blog or within your post

- Pass the award to 6 other bloggers, and link the nominees within your post

- Let the nominees know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog

- Give mention to the person that gave you this award and link to their blog

Now the hard part ~ there are SO many bloggers that I would like to give this award to. I treasure all the blogs I follow and each one gives me a burst of sunshine when I visit. Six is the magic number however, and listed below are the ones I am happy to forward the Sunshine Award to.

Marcie of A Work of Hart

Pearl of Pearl


Tristan Robin said...

How sweet of you to think of me! I'll post on my blog soon.

Enjoy the day (here it's - ugh - snowing again)

Pearl said...

Thank you Sue your my Sunshine blog, and I will post soon. You made my day! Pearl

Vicki/Jake said...

Oh Sue, thank you so much! What a compliment, coming from such a creative artist...

I'll go post now and try to figure out who to send it on too. That's the part I don't like...

Have a great rest of the week (O:

Nun of a Kind! said...

Congratulations, Sue, on your Sunshine award. I certainly see why you were given this, bringing sunshine into so many lives! Only good thoughts going out to Renee for a return to good health....

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Congrats on your award, Sue! You deserve it! That first photo is so funny.

My thoughts and prayers are with Renee too!

Lisa :)

Vicki/Jake said...

Just me again laughing hard at the way we seem to post the same ideas on Wednesdays.... funny!
If it's not animals doing odd stuff, it's the male gender looking down..

Can't wait to see what next week will bring (O:

Anonymous said...

Sue I love this picture of the little boy is priceless!

And Renee... what can I say but I pray and light candles for her every day... She's an angel here on earth.

Unknown said...

Aww you deserve the award Sue--you are a ray of Sunshine! As is Renee, and my heart goes out to that brave woman!

The first picture--well, boys! You know how THEY are!

Many hugs!

julie campbell said...

Thanks you so much Sue, you made my day ! I will post it on my blog when I get a moment to breath ....pre show flapping going on here LOL
Oh and the pic of the little boy made me smile too, as mam of 2 preactrically grown lads it just sums them up !
julie xxx

Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful award Sue! I am so honored. ;-) You are such a delight! I treasure your friendship dearly! I will post this award very soon!
P.S. Love the photo of the little cute! LOL

Sea Gypsy said...

Thank you for thinking of me!!!!!!! I not to sure about me being sunshine, but you sure are!!!!LOL! Have a great day!

Kerin said...

Wordless or no you find the best pics!! This one is simply too too funny.

Congrats to the award winners!