Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ideas and Inertia

Does this ever happen to you? You have a bunch of creative ideas that you want to get going on, however none of them are using the same materials and you just can't make up your mind
which to get started on first? The more you 'think on it', the more overwhelmed you become, so that it almost seems easier to not do anything?

I'm at this point at the moment. My work room is very small so I tend to work on one type of thing at a time. I don't have a lot of space to mess up ..... and invariably I DO make a huge mess.

Not helping is the return of very hot, very humid weather complete with thunder storms. I work in my little room with the door closed, something that seems to annoy my cat and dog <----- the reason for the closed door ~ my little studio is NOT their playroom. When it is hot and humid, the air conditioner does not reach into my room and when it is storming, my puppy insists on plastering himself to my legs. If I am in my room, the constant scratching at the door and barking to "let me in ma", tends to stifle any ounce of creativity.

(Finley hiding from a storm in a small alcove area last year.)

My creative juices are flowing, I have a strong urge to start something, but can't seem to take that first step. Frustrating.


Denise said...

I get in this mode a lot. It is frustrating. I just moved and now in a rental house. I do not have an art room anymore until we find permanent house. So i have a table set up in the dining room here. with all my art supplies in boxes! talk about frustrating! I know what i need and its not at my fingertips. Well, in some ways it made me more creative! I had to do without or substitute at times. which ended up being better for my project. So all in all, it has worked out. but right now I am not in a quiet space. My dog drives me insane too!! Good luck! something will come to mind. In meantime do something different or out of your norm. that usually sparks my creativity!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi Sue, I'm with you! For me having too many ideas is as bad as having none because I then have such a hard time to decide what to do. The hot and humid weather is certainly not helping since the brain feels kind of mushy.
Your dog is such a cutie! I love his wavy hair.

julie campbell said...

Oh I feel for you Sue, it seems the more ideas and projects we have , the less inclined we are to do any of them ! I have around 6 different projects on the go now and cant concentrate on one for thinking about the other LOL I think its the artists curse ! I have deadlines too .....why is it deadlines makeus stop dead in our tracks !
Finley is such a cutie, I couldnt resist him but oh the fur,its not good with clay is it !!
Hope you get fired up soon and started on something,
julie xxx

yoborobo said...

I have this feeling most of the time - lol!! And what usually happens is I pick up something I started the LAST time it happened and try and finish it. (Inside my head I am chanting "Just finish SOMETHING!") Another version of this is I will 'see' something in my head that I love, and as soon as I sit down to draw it, it evaporates...POOF! I hope inspirations settles soon, and you get to start on a new piece. :) xox! Pam

MLBetterly said...

Happens to the best of us, Sue. I hope you find a way to sort it out soon, while your creativty is flowing. Poor little doggie! We used to have a dog that shook like a leaf when there was thunder too. I always felt sos orry for him.

Nita said...

This happens to me a lot Sue. One of the things I realize is its that I want to do too much and be super woman. I dont fully appreciate what Ive already accomplished. You might be the same.
I get excited by
new techniques , new mediums and the great art I see.Keeping it simple and minimal gets things done and preserves peace of mind!

So ,I think... is this true to my core vision for my work?Is this something Ive loved for ages or is it a new crush? And will this take me truly farther into mastery of my chosen field or be a diversion from projects already started. That usually helps me gain balance:)
Im sure you will get through this it could be growth.

C. said...

Sue- you sound just like me! I have the upstairs dining table covered. The downstairs pool table covered and then late, late at night I work on my sofa- when no-one can see me doing all the things I tell them not to!
Now it seems like your kind of work would allow you to have more than one project going? I sometimes start one before the last one is done- ya know, while paint is drying or if I'm sick of it and need a break or stuck, etc. Its frustrating!

julie said...

I sure understand the not being able to 'take that first step'...I even have the goodies gathered for 3 figures but all I do each day is sort pat them and find busy work in studio. I was sick for about 10 days and really got out of the rhythm of things.....It's hard this self motivation business...lol...
hug, hug...julie
One thing we do know is 'this too shall pass'...I'm trying to relax into that.

Anonymous said...
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Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Sue! Like many of the ladies above, I am so with you too. I have so many unfinished projects because of it. Either I have to still get what I need or there isn't enough space to have a designated area for this particular idea. It's always a rollercoaster of creative fun. Hope your inspiration magically soars sweetie! Have a great weekend! :)

Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Oh Sue...I had to laugh at your post as this seems to be how I am also. I recently cleaned my studio and vowed to not start another project until I finish the one I am on. Must be the plight of the artist...this mental block we sometimes find ourselves in. I believe it is the first step in wonderful things to come...right? LOL Have a creative day today! Give your little puppy a hug for me! ;-)

The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

OMG...this happens to me ALL OF THE TIME...it's good to know that I'm not the only one LOL As for conquering this problem...eat lots of Fruit Loops and drink a lot of JAVA! LOL Have a great weekend my friend!

Dorthe said...

Hi Sue,
Oh like you talked out of my mouth!!!
Even I have place, and can do things in 3 different places, I still can`t start,if there is more than one idea--it is endeed frustrating, and very difficult.
Happy week-end dear.

Anonymous said...

I have the very same problem Sue!!!!!
Sometimes and esp. now it's like I just can't step over that line!!!

Ideas a million...
Action zip...

Is Finely a Wheaten Terrier? He's adorable!


Abi said...

I'm sorry I made you 'well up' Sue! Your dog is beautiful... I love the curly fur :O)

I hope you are overcoming the frustrations. Sit down, and start, stop thinking :O)

LOL... if only I could do the same!!!

Ayala Art said...

wow... after reading your post, and all the comments I have to say, it MUST be in the stars or something, because I am right there in the same spot too! Isn't it crazy?

Ingrid Mida said...

I often feel exactly the same way Sue - so many ideas and not enough time.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Yes...I feel like that all the time lately. I have to push myself to the studio but once I sit and relax and look around, I am soon inspired to just dig in and create something :)
I'm so happy you found me. You led me back here and I've so enjoyed my visit :)))