Friday, August 20, 2010


I have planned since Wednesday on a completely different post than this - I want to share some goodies I received recently in the mail and also a new little piece I completed..........HOWEVER that post will have to wait for a week or so.

Tomorrow I fly from Ontario to Vancouver (I am SUCH a nervous
flyer and coming and going is definitely the part of a trip like this that I dread. Ativan, here I come!)

Nicole, our eldest daughter will be accompanying me. She lived in Vancouver for six years and will be spending some of the time getting caught up with old friends. Keara and her boyfriend just returned from Vancouver after attending her cousin's wedding, seeing her grandpa and showing off all the marvels of this beautiful province to her boyfriend (who absolutely loved it).

By 4:00 pm Eastern time tomorrow, I will be in the land of enchanted forests,

tranquil waters and majestic mountains! Love Vancover!

My main reason for visiting however is to see my Dad. He is now 87 and within the last year he has become rather frail. It is really sad that a five hour flight separates us. He is pictured above on July 22, at my niece's wedding.

I'm borrowing Keara's laptop, however am not sure just what the wireless situation will be like once I am over in Gibson's (Sunshine Coast) where my Dad lives. If I can post I will.

When I return I hope to get back to posting regularly and also leaving comments on all my friends' blogs! (I have been reading them!)


BumbleVee said...

Oh, Sue;;;;I hope you have a good visit is so smoky out there just now because of all the forest fires.... it has drifted over the mountains here to us in Alberta...

Gibson's Landing? is that where your Dad is? from the old tv series? ... can't even remember the name of the show now....

I wish we could all be closer to family and friends.... hours by plane seems long...and for me...driving 6 hours to see my sis is long too... and flying is getting sooo expensive, plus where she lives...I still have to expect somebody to drive an hour to pick me up..or rent a car to drive to her place...sigh.... we are just not like we used to be in the "olden" days... nobody lives just down the block from family anymore do they?

Sue said...

Hi Vee,

Yes, Gibson's is where the old Beachcombers series was filmed. It is really quaint and very cool. Some neat little shops and gorgeous scenery.


MLBetterly said...

Have a great time, Sue!

Dorthe said...

Sue, Wish you a wonderfull time with your father, the beautifull nature,and your daughter.
Take care, and see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Sue your dad looks so sweet....

YOUR IN VANCOUVER???? I'm only 45-50 miles away from there.. just over the border in Bellingham! If you go across the border call me! 360-510-8588

Your so close... of course you probably have your whole trip planned already but if you get a chance to come down to America I'm right there!


yoborobo said...

Sue - have a wonderful trip. Enjoy your dad, and your daughter, and the beautiful world that is Vancouver. :) xox! Pam

Pearl said...

I finally get to hear from you and now your leaving? Way to go kid, have a great time and God bless your Dad. See you soon.

Lynn Stevens said...

Sue, Its wonderful you get to spend time with our dad. Enjoy every minute of it!!! I hope you have a safe and restful flight!

talk when you get back!
hugs Lynn

julie campbell said...

What a beautiful place Sue !
Hope you enjoy some precious time with your lovely dad .
I dont think any of us really like flying, I'm okay as long as I dont really think about it LOL
safe journey and enjoy every minute when you arrive
julie xxx

Anonymous said...
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Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Sue... I hope you are having a wonderful time and enjoying visiting with your father. Precious Memories...can never have too many! Have Fun! ;-)

Abi said...

Hpe you are having a wonderful time :O) (hope you survived the flight too!)

julie said...

Hope you had an amazing time...hug, hug