Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A No News Day

Well, yesterday was an exercise in frustration.
We drove into Toronto (the drive to T.O. wasn't bad - it was once we got into the city.....I would never drive in Toronto and am just glad my hubby is used to it or our taxi fees would be ridiculous).
Arrived at Princess Margaret Hospital and went to Nicole's oncologist's office only to be told that her appointment was cancelled because the pathology report was not back yet.  Yes, they HAD tried to contact Nicole but had a couple of numbers of her cell phone reversed and by the time they tried our house, we had left.
The wait from her surgery until yesterday has been nerve-wracking on all of us, most of all Nicole, and
to be mentally prepared for basically anything and then to be told - come back next week was a huge disappointment.
Nicole says she feels like she is hanging on by a thread at the moment.  She's trying to stay positive, but yesterday set her back a bit mentally.
Our appointment now is set for next Thursday, early morning....and so, the wait continues.
Thank you to everyone for your heartfelt messages.
Being in a situation like this, it means so much to me, Nicole and our family to realize the support of people, most of whom I have never met in 'real' life.  I consider you all true friends and love you for being there and for your thoughtfulness.   You may feel that your posts on my blog and emails are not much, however they mean the world to us.
Thank you!


Unknown said...

That sounds horribly disappointing. Hang it there, be positive-love each other!
Big Hug

Pearl said...

Hi Nicole and Sue! this happened to me so many times I lost count. And I've come to know everyone with cancer has gone through the same thing. It's probably nothing but the not knowing will drive you wild. It's funny but once they told me I had cancer the weight lifted off of my shoulders. So then it was O.K. lets plan our attack. Do anything to get your mind off of it!! When the thought comes into your mind force it out. Read, cook, watch a movie,take a walk have fun just try not to think! Ya know brain dead! Just kidding, you know what I mean :) Now go pop some pop corn.

Dianie said...

Oh Sue...
The waiting for the tests results can be so incredibly, emotionally exhausting. My hugs, prayers and positive thoughts go out to Nicole, You and your Family..
I think of Nicole,you and your family everyday.



yoborobo said...

Well, I guess the other side of this coin is that they will HAVE the results in another week. You must all be so worn out from waiting. Give Nicole a big hug from me, and tell her you are all in my prayers. xox - Pam

Healing Woman said...

How frustrating! You will find that this sort of thing happens a lot with oncology. We have actually waited in the doctor's office for hours, even though our scheduled appointment passed long before. But..once you find the reason-sometimes the doctor is giving the cancer diagnosis to the patient- then you understand. Each visit is different. I learned to have patience, above all else.

I will watch for your posting next week after the appointment. Hopefully you will have some good news!


Vicki/Jake said...

Be strong Sue....

Know you're all loved.

Dorthe said...

Dearest Sue,
Oh how difficult having to go on waiting--I so feel with you all,-how much it takes for people to live worrying ,for such a long period--and so difficult not to...
I so hope Nicole`s next apointment will give you good news, dear.
Warm thoughts, and blessings. Dorthe

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Hi Sue,
I mostly read the blog in google reader now, but just had to hop over and say that I'm sending you my very best in positive thoughts your way!
Be strong and look for that light at the end of the tunnel.

You are in my thoughts,

Abi said...

Yuk to waiting... how awful. Well, good luck for next week. Will be keeping everything crossed.

Anonymous said...

OMG Sue and Nicole....
the waiting the hanging on till.... that thread of hope only to be pushed backed........ ARHG I want to scream for you and her!!!! I am screaming inside!

I am there with you, Nicole and all your families in thoughts and prayers.....

...and yes I am a true friend virtual and if luckily enough physically some day..
Love Pattee

mycuriousteaparty said...

Hi Sue

So sorry to hear that Nicoles' appointment has been posponed, as if you haven't got enough on your plate... Every minute must feel like an hour... My love to you all.

I am also so sorry to hear that you have also lost your Dad. I love the photo that you posted of him, despite his stick he still has his camera at the ready ... whatever did he keep in all those pockets...I wonder. He looks like he was a great character...

I thought that you might like to hear a little story that might make you smile.....

When my mum Annie Lucy Violet Eccles, (What a name) was very sick in hospital (aged 82) she finally gave me permission to....SWEAR!

I was 50, and didn't know that I needed permission... She obviously thought that I had never said a swear word..... Not quite true.

Suprised by her words, I asked why now? She replied 'Ladies do not swear'.... My Mum had standards!

But lying in a hospital bed for more than 10 weeks had tried her patience to it's limits and she had used a swearword or two, Not, I hasten to add towards the doctors or nursing staff but towards my father, who she said had driven her to distraction for more than 52 years.... That's the polite version of what she said.

My issue is that she said that I could only use one particular word....What about all the others that I may or may not have used in the past?

It sounds like you need to have a good 'word' to hand.... for when things are getting all too much..... So I now give you permission by by way of my mum Annie... to use this brilliant word....


It is such a good word for when you need a 'good word', I'm sure that you understand my meaning.

Perhaps Nicole might like to use it too.

Thinking of you all.

Love Julie