Saturday, December 31, 2011

Who IS This?

Yes, tis me

Popping in quickly to extend a warm thank you to all who are still following my very neglected blog... especially as there has been nothing to follow in the past 6 - 7 months! Thank you so much for hanging in there!

I'm happy to report that after a rather tumultuous year, things are going well.  I'm looking forward to the New Year, new opportunities, challenges and experiences.  
Nicole's health is still up and down, but the very positive thing is that there has been no recurrence of the cancer.  She celebrated one year cancer free on Dec. 16!  Big WHOOOOHOOO!!!

In April of this year, I started weaning myself off of Cymbalta (taken for depression), as it obviously was not helping.  I resisted going on the new Rx that the doc had given me for Prestiq.    I have been on one kind or another of serotonin type meds for over 10 years and made the decision to see how I felt without any of this type of drug.   It took several months to get the drug out of my system (these are not easy drugs to stop!), but I feel so much better now.  Much more energy, back to feeling positive about things and finally back to creating.

I have felt horrible about not blogging.  I've actually started several entries  (counted 11) that I put into draft to finish at another time.  Not a good idea - should have finished and posted immediately.  This one I am finishing NOW and posting NOW!

I'm looking forward in this New Year that is almost upon us to blogging regularly and also getting back to following everyone's entries.  

2012 is going to be my year for 'doing'
Before this becomes too long, a final thought -  if you are out celebrating and ringing in the New Year tonight, have a joyous time....and stay safe!



Unknown said...

Hi Sue!!!
So glad to see back blogging...I have missed you!! Glad to hear that Nicole is cancer free, wishing her the best in the new year...

I like the motto of 2012 is the year of doing...sometimes I get caught up in the dreaming and not the

Hope you have a Very Happy New Year!!

Dessa Rae

Vicki/Jake said...

Hey you! Love that your off the meds. I'm a firm believer in the fact that most meds are bad for your body! Course I've been blessed with good health so it's easy for me to say...but still.

SO glad to see you here, I knew you would come around again:) While you're catching up, go visit Nelson too....I think you'll remember him:)

Give your girls huge hugs , they're both awesome course they get that from their mom:)

I'll watch for new posts and get you back on my sidebar...

And get rid of the word veri too, it's not needed anymore:)

Dianie said...

Happy New Year!!!!


mycuriousteaparty said...

Missed you lots, glad your back Sue... Happy New Year.. x

Nun of a Kind! said...

Missed you in "Blog" land, but glad to hear that you are feeling better, and that you are back to creating! Stay well, my friend!

BumbleVee said...

Awww have had such a rotten year.... I'm so glad to see you back.
My sister quit all meds too just about a year or so ago...she had been on all sorts of things for depression due to a brain injury. day she just decided she had had enough with all the crap and the side effects, and needed more energy and needed to feel more like her "real self as she put it....
She feels so much better and has her old self and her old energy back...she can run circles around us all ..... makes me feel like a slug.