Monday, June 1, 2009

Vintage Bits

Edwardian Celluloid Hair Pick

Due to some unforeseen happenings since Thursday, I have sorely ignored my blog, and also, since the last two days, all those that I follow. I hope to get caught up tonight, as I miss reading all the great stuff that everyone posts!

This is just a quickie, getting-back-into-the-swim type post.

I love vintage, particularly vintage fashion, and have collected and sold it for quite a long time. I found this hilarious, short video on YouTube on "Fashions of the Future" (pay particular
attention to the guy at the end - love his "cell phone" )

As mentioned, I have sold vintage over the years and every so often I sell an item that several years later I could kick myself for. The two evening gowns below are examples of this. I was going through some old pic files a short while ago and came across, this mid 50s dress, blush champagne shade, heavily embroidered and beaded bodice and full triple layered skirt. So 'swish' as they say in the above video.

(and no, sadly, that is not the hallway in my house)

The second gown that I could really kick myself over is this 50s gorgeous gold and gold satin damask, with knife pleated inserts on the skirt, which made for one humongous sweep. These pics are old and definitely do not do this beauty justice. I remember I sold this for a ridiculously low price. *sigh*

(click to enlarge)

Hope everyone had a super weekend ....the upcoming week will be grand, right? Right!


Pearl said...

These dresse's are beautiful, oh if we only knew what we know now? Love the hair piece also. The vidieo was so fun to watch also. Good post

FlightFancy said...

that video was so fun:) I would sorely miss that gold gown too. It's gorgeous. (glad you posted, I was missing your posts)

Tristan Robin said...

Terrific post! I love how vintage those 'futuristic' fashions appear!

Your gowns were lovely - I'm sure you wish you still had them. We probably all have items we wished we hadn't gotten rid of! I was once the proud owner of a Wurlitzer Classic Juke Box Peacock 850. I lived in New York and didn't want to go through the hassle of moving it down five flights and then transporting it to upstate - so I GAVE it away. For nothing. I believe the value now is $20-25,000! Oh, well. I got it for free, as well!

Glad you're posting again!

Sea Gypsy said...

I got a kick out of that video! How about that hair! lol. Like you I just love that second dress. I never thought of this until just now, but some of those picks would make very enchanting crowns for the fairy folk! Another thing to add to my look out list.

Renee said...

Oh Sue I love this.

If you love fashion there is a wonderful lady named Ingrid that lives in Toronto who does a fashion blog and does art on clothing that is just incredible. I think you might totally dig her.

Hold on I will go get her blog site:

Ingrid is a really awesome person.

Check her out.

By the way that hallway is bigger than my house.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Your dresses are beautiful! I know the feeling of looking at past pictures and thinking "Did I sell that???"

I've missed your posts ~ in the mornings I like to sit with a cup of coffee and read others blog posts... yours being one special one!

Now that video was just too funny! The narrators voice I remember a voice like that from old films.... It's funny how many time he makes reference to how the dress can attract a man.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I can't wait to get home so I, too, can watch that video ... something fun to look forward too ... but those dresses!!! holy smokes! those are definitely a study in beauty ... I dream of wearing something like gold one ... some day. :)