Monday, January 18, 2010

Art Supplies? A GiveAway!

Tristan Robin Blakeman, a true Renaissance Man and blogger extraordinaire, is celebrating his 200th post, 300 followers and 40,000 hits on his blog, Enchanted Revelry by giving away some awesome art supplies.

Please check out this posting of his to enter for a chance at adding to your studio. 300 Followers you say? Not much chance to win then right? Well, someone will AND it may be you - plus everyone is a winner in this particular giveaway just by going to Tristan's blog and checking out his posts. I guarantee that you too will be sucked into the witty and amazing vortex of awesomeness that is known as Enchanted Revelry!


Tristan Robin said...

thanks for the plug! - and all the generous words!

... and I lovea that photo!!!

Renee said...

Sue I can't wait to do sign up for your OWOH.


Vicki/Jake said...

Sue, thanks for your sweet comment on my post...again.

I thought of doing the OWOH and then wondered what I'd give away...hmmm, maybe I'll just watch this time and you can tell me how it went...

Renee said...

Good morning dear friend. Have a good day.


Kerin said...

Oh hooray! Another blog to explore while I have my coffee. I so love to spend a little time each morning exploring. So fun!!! Thanks Sue!!!!