Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Scored

A Skelly Christmas Light

This is so cool. My daughter Nicole (Trinity Heart Studios) made this enchanting shadowbox creation for me. The moon has a light behind it (which I stupidly left on and the battery needs to be replaced) which shines on the figures and also the little glass ornaments on the wire tree. Love it!!! Nicole also gifted me with some handmade earrings (she knows my style and every year I get several new pairs from her) and two beautiful handpainted (by her) glass ornaments. I was so thrilled with all my gifts this year, however I do confess that handcrafted ones hold a special place in my heart


I love books! My family knows that outside of handmade items, the next best thing to gift me with is books. My theory is that you can never be too rich or have too many books!

Art Related

Okay, not everything shown above is a book, but it is all tied in with art. The Angel's Delight book is full of fantastic fantasy pics that lead to a lot of terrific ideas for figures. The Hi Fructose is a compilation of their first four years. I have subscribed to the magazine as I also find a lot of inspiration and ideas in it, and it is great to have some of the highlights of the issues I have missed.

The Arthur Rackham box contains 5 wonderful notecards of his work and the 12 Muses Calendar is going up in my studio!


Vintage fashion is a passion of mine and every year I receive books pertaining to fashion and vintage fashion. This year did not disappoint. The two book boxed Taschen set weighs 12 lbs - that is one hefty chunk of fashion. I unfortunately have not had a chance to look through any of these books yet and plan to pick the "Elegance" one up later today.


No matter how rushed one may be, it is important to leave room for humour. Humour can uplift you from a foul mood and can energize you if you are feeling low. Humour is one of the best all-natural medications we have. James Lileks
is sardonic, sarcastic and funny as heck. His Institute of Good Cheer
site is hilarious. The books above are hard copies of much that you can find on his site. Small, light-hearted tomes that you can pick up, read a couple of pages, immediately feel better and then put them down for the next time.


Dianie said...

These are Fabulous gifts!!!!

I am sooo intrigued with the shadow box your daughter made for you. It is very clever and Magical!

enjoy those very cool books :)


Renee said...

Did you ever score, what Nicole made is amazing.

I am a book crazy fanatic too.

Poor Nicole I got neuropathy from chemo and it is horrible.

It is not easy I'm sure for her. And for you either Mama because we hate our kids to be sick.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

The Gallery of Regrettable Food looks like a winner! Great gifts!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful gifts you got this year Sue!!!
But especially the shadow box your daughter gave you! It's brilliant!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

LOVE the shadow box!!!!
Great selection of'll have lots to read this chilly winter.

Vicki/Jake said...

Wow, score for sure! Love that your daughter is so talented..easy to see where she gets it from (O:
I agree, handmade is the best and books follow.
Now to check out the 'Institute of Good Cheer' Thanks!

Tristan Robin said...

wow, I guess you did score! That shadowbox/diorama is fabulous!!! What a talented cookie she is! I'm so envious - about the only thing anybody in my family makes is dinner reservations.

Great book selection! I was also gifted the "Elegance" book (which I also haven't opened yet LOL). I'm hoping to get to it this week.

You must have pirate blood. :P

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is so talented (just like you)! You're so lucky to get all these goodies LOL I'm jealous :P

julie campbell said...

gorgoeus goodies Sue,Nicole is so talented and the diorama is wonderful,you must take another photo with the moon lit up !
As for the books, I would love all of these. I have a few vintage fashion ones but most of mine are historical costume and I have the taschen one same size as yours but period fashion which is fab and also makes a great door stop LOL defintely have the modern one on my wishlist !

Doll With A Soul said...

the skelly box is brilliant !!!! the other gifts are great too, i think i will search for this sexy angels,lol !

your blog is magical !
thank you for following my blog.

Ingrid Mida said...

What a bounty of fabulous gifts. I especially like your daughter's shadow box. It looks enchanting. And please let me know what you think of the Elegance book.

Catherine said...

Hi Sue,
I love your gifts and your daughter is so talented!
Love what nicole created too! You are so very talented too! I love your work! Your Blog inspires me soo much :) Thank you for commenting on my art work, it means so much... I am still shy... but with comments from wonderful creative artists like you, I feel like I can do it! many blessings, and hugs, Kat

Nun of a Kind! said...

Wow! You did "score"! I agree with you that there is nothing like a handcrafted gift. Even the other purchased gifts you received, though, reflected a great deal of thought as to what you would really like to receive! I have seen that "gallery of regrettable food" funny! (but likely originally not meant to be!)

Denise said...

That is an outstanding piece of artwork that shadow box! I am so jealous! I wish i could see it in person to look at every little detail up close. and those books are truly awesome. you definitely received some nice gifts!