Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Snippets

My computer is running really slow at the moment, think it needs

defragging. I'm trying to check out all the many blogs on the OWOH blog event and the slowdown is really frustrating. It could be worse though - I have my suspicions that the early 60s computer shown above was NOT highspeed.

Due to the frustration level of waiting for my computer to load sites, I have not been sitting here as much as I normally do. Have several pieces on the go at the moment. Some kindreds, a faerie piece and a bust.

The faerie is a piece that I sculpted last year with some old prosculpt that had problems. The light colour clay baked to a verydark, mottled brown. I'm painting it now and thinking of making it into a snow/winter fae welcoming Spring. Still playing with several ideas and will have to see what develops

I don't do Pink Saturdays, however the item below was too good to pass up.

Yes folks - this is a bathtub! For the gal, or guy, that has everything. Sure to put you in 'the pink'

A lot of the fun of looking through vintage magazines is the advertisements. Here are a few, that are just SO wrong now.

Uh-huh. (I think the least said about this, the better)

"Instantaneous Cure!" ....I BET!

Like to the emergency room after she bops him one

Any bets on where these docs are now?

This is just SO wrong on so many levels

At the beginning of this post, I referred to the OWOH blog event.
As of today there are over 800 bloggers participating with giveaways. This is such an amazing way to discover new blogs, make new friends and be inspired. I'm loving it!

If you haven't already checked out my OWOH blog post for your chance to win Cordula

Please do so! A HUGE Thank You to everyone that has already posted a comment. She was a lot of fun to create and the response is very gratifying.

The Ado (Art Dolls Only) group is also participating in OWOH this year and is offering works from 17 of their artist members. 17 chances on one blog - can't beat that!

This is the piece I did for the ADO giveaway. He's bendable and can be hung on a wall or sit him on a little chair or shelf. Check out this little guy and all the other fabulous ADO offerings here

Well, I'm off to my studio.....wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!


Tristan Robin said...


we think alot

I posted vintage ads today, too - and I posted the bedazzled bathtub on my post last year about pink shoes

great minds and all that!

your little fella is so wonderful! I love his socks - and his haircut is perfect! I didn't know you did guy dolls!

I wish you would tell ADO to adjust their comments settings so that most of us on macs can leave comments! :(

Have a swell Sunday!

Nun of a Kind! said...

Those ads are hysterical! The show "Mad Men" reminds us of how crazy our thinking was then, too, when it came to health, etc.
As usual, love your choice of pics...and will check out the OWOH post!
Have a great weekend!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Love your post Sue, that Bathtub is not to be believed...I sure wouldn't want to be the one that had to clean that puppy..hehe

The Magic Carpet ride has been so much fun and have read so many great blogs...I am glad I did it this year..I was just to new last year...

You have a great weekend..and stay away from the tooth drops...LOL


FlightFancy said...

The dolls are coming along beautifully! I so want to see them done. Thanks for sharing the ads...all I can say is wow?!

I agree with Baroness...definitely wouldn't want to scrub that tub :)

Kerin said...

How about THAT!!! Thank goodness times have changed for the better even if ever so slightly. Just remember "More dead doctors smoked Camels than any other cigarette" ; )

Renee said...

I love your dolls but not as much as I love you.

Thanks for this fast link maybe I will go add my name.


Dianie said...

Love the snippets:)
Old adds always are interesting and make one smile.

Your whips are fantastic! I really enjoy seeing your creations come to life.

Have a wonderful Day :)

Erika said...

I giggled so much reading these ads. I wonder what we will be saying about todays ads twenty years from now?

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Oh I love the pictures you posted! Made me laugh :) And it looks like you have some great things in progress! Off to enter your giveaway :)

Lorraine said...

love these adverts..cocaine toothpaste ..!! thanks for visiting my blog

Unknown said...

I'm going to climb a mountain wearting my new sweater. Smoke that Camel to celebrate getting to the top AND THEN I'm going to brush my teeth - ha! :o)

I love your sculpting. All of the faces are so sweet!!! Think it's too late for me to join in the OWOH giveaway? I didn't realize it was going on and I want to give something away. I better go find out...

Catherine said...

Hello Sue, I love these old ads :) And I love your dolls! I would love a chance to win! Hugs Cat

laurel said...

Love your comments on those adds! I also just have to say that your work is stunning. The character and details in the faces of your dolls is just wonderful.

Lisa said...

Holy schmoly - love this on so many levels. I love the bathtub but don't think hubby would be too kicked about it.

And those ads? Yeah, what is there to say...

Can't wait to check out your other works!!