Monday, April 19, 2010

A Short Interval


My hubby decided to upgrade my computer this past weekend with Windows 7 and also to clone my hard drive because everytime he is away on a trip I seem to pick up a nasty on the internet

Previous to my forced computer break, I had been looking for some new music to download from iTunes.

I really like this gal, Laura Powers. She sings soft, ethereal songs that are perfect listening when I'm working on fantasy, faerie pieces.

I haven't watched American Idol this year, but two? three? years ago Jason Castro was one of my faves. He has a debut album coming out on April 27. Happy, fun, summer music:

Finally, Scissor Sisters have a new album coming out in June. Some of their music I really like, some not so much. I AM really liking this new track of their's - takes me back to disco and the 80s (in a good way).

I'm hoping to get caught up on everyone's blogs over the next day or so and once my pic files are transferred over I'm hoping to post another entry here. I'm hoping that everyone had a fabulous weekend and am wishing everyone an absolutely incredible week!


julietk said...

I wish I had a hubby who was a computer whiz :-) I have to keep hubbys battered laptop going for him.

FlightFancy said...

Sue, sorry about the computer issues! It can really throw you off track. Glad to see it getting a fix :)

Leslie said...

What did we do before computers, mine crashed in November and I was without for a couple of months. It drove me nuts!!? Glad you are getting your problems fixed!!

Dianie said...

Hi Sue,
Great music! I remember Jason. He is a cutie and I really liked his music. I think that was the last year I watched American Idol as well.
I'm happy to hear that your computer is all fixed up :)


Anonymous said...

YEA a new computer update!!!

I really like Jason Castro also!

Tristan Robin said...

You should be watching Idol this year - mostly they're pretty ordinary - but there are two that are really really fine.

yoborobo said...

Good luck with all the computer stuff! See you back here soon, I hope! xo Pam

Sea Gypsy said...

My DH keeps my computer going also. I am so thankful he knows what to do:)I am not sure why, but the clips are not on the page. I tried reloading, but nothing came up. I will have to check out Laura Powers!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Sorry to hear about your computer..I would be so out of my mind if mine when around the bend..But I do envy you getting Windows 7, I so want that..I have Vista and hate it!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my place, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you...:-)

Kerin said...

Hey Amazing One!

As I write this I'm uploading files to an online backup site that I'm kicking myself for not joining a month ago. Right before going to the photo shoot for my book, I offloaded on to an external drive because I was short on space. I was only going to leave it there for a few weeks until the Artfest retreat was over. Guess what happened during those three weeks!

Anyway, I love the service and it's only $5 per month or $45 per year for 150 giggers. I don't want to sound like I'm posting a commercial on your gorgeous blog so if you want to know more email me. : )

I can't listen to the song now cuz of the uploading but I as soon as I can.