Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Waiting for my camera batteries to charge and wanted to share my new 'crush' with everyone. I rarely watch tv, however have recently started exercising in the evening - and of course, when I am on the eliptical, I like to be watching something on tv. This is the first year that I have watched America's Got Talent and one contestant has totally captured my heart......

Prince Poppycock

Last week's performance. This incredibly talented young man
(John Quale in 'real life') sings, dances and totally entertains. His audition piece, he sang opera, last week he channeled Freddie Mercury and last night he paid tribute to America.

Several years ago, he recorded some original songs that are not Prince Poppycock, but under his real name and I have listened to them on his site (check out the Music section)

and I am equally impressed by them.
He is one of those performers that I would love to meet some day

Poppycock is FUN and FABULOUS and I'm pretty sure that tonight he will be picked as one of the top 4 finalists


On Wednesday evening, the fabulous Prince P joined Michael Grimm (soul singer), Jackie Evancho (10 yr old opera singer) and Fighting Gravity (group of frat brothers that do illusions with black light and lasers), as one of the 4 finalists. Next Tuesday they will all give their last performance and on Wednesday (after America votes), the winner will be announced.


essie said...

This is absolutely great, I looooove it!
Thank you so much for posting Sue.
I hope he'll win!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I agree - he's a true "entertainer"!

Abi said...

ooh - will have to watch that! thanks for visiting, and for the feedback :O)

angela recada said...

Isn't he fabulous! We love him in our house, too.

Renaissance Festivals said...

I saw the videos its very funny and fantastic..

Thanks for great posting

Unknown said...

Ahh, I did like him on America's got talent. He's quite an original!

Anonymous said...

I happened on him while I was looking for something to watch on TV and was blown away!!!

ME TOO I want to meet him or at least see him in person!

I personally think he should win...


Pearl said...

I guess I need to start watching the show again. This was so fun to watch thanks, Hugs, Pearl

Abi said...

Oh I forgot to watch! did he get through?
Thanks for visiting too :O)

Lynn Stevens said...

I Loved seeing him on tv also. I'm sure he will make the top ten! FABOLOUS and I could see you making a doll of him with that awesome makeup and costumes! Wouldn't that be cool!!!!!!