Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rolling Along

I didn't want another month to go by without a post.  I also did not want to do an all-text post, but unfortunately have no pics to add....so I will keep this short.

Still feeling overall 'blah' and aside from emails and checking/posting on Facebook, my computer time has been limited.  I just don't have the energy or the motivation at the moment to do much else as far as the computer goes.

I'm working on several sculpts however it is slow going - some days, I just don't feel like picking up the clay.  I have an appointment with a psychologist on May 19 and will also have meds reviewed at that time.  Hoping that will be the first step of getting back into the swing of things.  I'm so looking forward to once again not looking at every little thing like a huge effort!
I have been viewing  many of your blogs, but have rarely commented.   The whole blogger word verification thing just seemed too  much for me - how silly is that?!

Hope everyone enjoyed Mother's Day and continues to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather

I will be back as soon as possible with hopefully, a more interesting post


yoborobo said...

Sue, I know that feeling!!!! Like everything is just too hard. Especially making dinner. :) I hope you feel better soon. I am thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs. And if you find a jar of energy, please scoop some into an envelope and mail it to me. xox! Pam

Santas and Such said...

Hey Sue, I feel the same. It happens to me every Spring, Maybe because we are pent up for months and sitting at your work table is something to do. But as soon as the weather gets nice enough to do yard work etc., all creative juices dry up and it's hard to get going especially if you don't have to make something. The creatve urge usually comes back the first cool day in fall.Don't push yourself, have some time for only you.

Pearl said...

We all go through it Sue, so no apologies necessary. I hope all goes well with the Doc and meds to make you feel better. Hugs, Pearl

TinaE said...

Love to you Sue. I am feeling quite the same at the moment. I keep thinking "today I'm going to...oh maybe not" but I know one of these days it'll get straightened out at least for a while. *hugs*

Vicki/Jake said...

I get the word verification crap too and it keeps me from commenting. Saying that, I want to add....TAKE IT OFF OF HERE TOO YA DODO:) I've hinted before but now you understand... I even have a little sign thingy on all my blogs you can take to put on here. It's so un necessary now with Bloggers spam thing. Just sayin:)

Ok, now I can say I hope you get out of your slump. Computer can get very demanding sometimes so walk away!! But I hate seeing your awesome talent in a slump also. If we lived close, I'd come get ya for an early walk. Clears the mind and gets some air into the life blahs. I call it cabin fever. Ya need to go DO something!

Hoping for the best..see ya around somewhere:)

C. said...

Sue- not to be selfish but I hope you are coming to my blog...really cute pictures of my little princesses having a tea party!!!! Sure to put a smile on that face! Hope you have good results from your appointment.:)

Anonymous said...

Sue I know that feeling and am in it quite often,,, all tho I seem to only be on the computer when I feel this way : (

I hope that you can get new meds or something so that you can feel better.

LOL I know the word verification can be way too much for me at times... so glad to see it affects another : )

XXX Pattee

Unknown said...

Oh c'mon! We have to start the silly word verification game again! Maybe that will make it easier?

Ok, in all seriousness, please don't apologize for depression, tiredness, or any other thing! Sometimes it just happens, and you have had a lot to deal with. I wished we lived closer, you could come for tea and we could work on art! Of course, you could come and visit and we could do the same thing, then!


Dianie said...

Hi There Sue,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog..
I hope to have pics up in a week, of the porch complete.. and hopefully it will be a happier place to welcome visitors :)

I sure can empathize with your feelings, I've been there many a time, throughout tuff times in my life.
I am sending my prayers.

You are a wonderful person :)

Wishing you a pleasant day!


michelleK said...

Cheer up Sue! Sending best wishes from across the ocean.

Nun of a Kind! said...

Have been wondering how you are doing, Sue, so glad to hear that you are taking steps to get to the bottom of this. Having some lasting sunshine and better weather will help all of us...when it finally arrives! Hang in there...all of the "Sisters" are cheering you on!
(by the way, my first verification didn't work to add my comment..I kinda hate this process too!!)

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Dear Sue, I'm so sorry that you are having depressions. Hopefully the doctors will find a way to help you soon. I can understand that you are not very much in a creative mood. I can hardly create when I don't feel good.
Sending you warm wishes and a big hug,

BumbleVee said...

how's it goin' over here? ... feeling a bit better yet?

I wrecked my ribs a couple of weeks ago and can't seem to find any motivation to do much still either... hope you are okay.....

hugs, V.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue! So sorry you are feeling the blahs and do hope it gets better soon. Will be thinking of you :)

yoborobo said...

Sue - just popping in to say I am thinking about you. xox!!

pinkglitterfae said...

hi Sue, I'm just dropping by some of my regular blogs to say hi, I hope you are doing better since your last post. I do understand the feeling of overwhelm, and time does seem to be going much faster. It's easy to feel like this when so many things feel out of our control. Is the increased sunshine helping you? your last post was probably during that awful spell we've had in Ontario of crappy clouds and rain...I find getting out in the sun, and just 'being' helps me tons. I'm sorry to hear about your dad, and hope that you can grieve, and come to peace with that. Thank goodness your daughter is ok.
Life can be both beautiful, and bittersweet my friend, do take care of yourself, and hope to see you back refreshed.

Roxanne said...

Thinking of you Sue. Big hugs and a smile. :)

Flora said...

Hello Sue are you still in this funk, I see from the date, you must be!!!Hope you can get your creative juices going soon, maybe if you joined a an on-line market you'd have a reason to create? But then again that has it's drawbacks too, sometimes...

Thornton Berry Shire Press said...

Hey don't feel bad...I'm just visiting for the first time in many months...can't wait to see what you're up to...glad I stopped by, june