Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cool Pendants and a Friend In Need

Tree of Life and Owl Pendants

These very cool pendants are now mine.  I purchased them for an insanely low price from my friend, Moriah Betterly an extremely talented doll artist who is now also creating wonderful ceramic jewelry.  She offers these for sale in her Blu Mudd Etsy shop.

Moriah, is also the friend in need that I refer to in the title of this post.   Some serious financial problems have recently befallen her family and she is desperately trying to raise some money.  Along with her Etsy shop, she is also selling off craft and art supplies and books in her Piperblus shop on Ebay.  Check it out - some great deals with more being listed every day.

Unfortunately Moriah realized this was not going to be enough, and has been forced on going public with her plea.   Asking for assistance is tough and Moriah is including a self-crafted thankyou gift for each donation received (see blog for details)

 The "About Joel" section of the blog that Moriah has just started, explains in great detail the circumstances that this young family has found themselves in.

 Please visit and read this blog

I know that times are tight for many of us - but every little bit helps.  $10 here, $15 adds up!
People helping one and it forward
Your heart will thank you.


Unknown said...

Hi Sue! Her stuff is great! Yes, I was going to post on my blog next week also!

Life: it's crazy sometimes!

Jinx said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MLBetterly said...

Wow! Thank you so much for posting this, Sue! I'm so glad you love your pendants and I am incredibly blessed to have you as a friend. Big hugs to you! <3

Vicki/Jake said...

Late visit here but I'll go check things out. One just never knows what will happen to them. We both understand that....

Alba Linea said...

oh sue my lovely friend! so nice to hear from you again! thank you so much for your lovely comment. i hope everything with your daughter (and the other family) is ok? wishing you a very nice and creative sunday and all my best wishes! di

Lynn Stevens said...

Times are so bad for so many right now. What a sweet thing for you to post Sue. I'll go check it out.
Hugs Lynn

Thornton Berry Shire Press said...

I just stopped by to see what was up and I'll go out and check out the other site..which is on my blog following list as well...sorry to hear about the challenges going on....things will improve, especially with love like this coming at her...thx for the gift, june

Anonymous said...

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