Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm planning on making another ghost child. The armatures for these sculpts are quite simple as there is not a lot of 'flesh' on them.

I'm trying to decide with this one if I will do a full body
sculpt or just sculpt the lower body, hands, arms and
have the body and upper arms soft. Being able to
bend the arms can be an advantage, especially if the
piece will be holding something.

I see in looking at this pic that the hands are too big (this is a prob I have - hands usually go through several reductions before they are the correct size. As this piece is now, only the head has been cured.

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The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

Ohhhhh I can't wait to see the final picture. Isn't it fun working and creating Art Dolls? Happy Holidays to you and your family! Make sure you post your finished piece! Cheers