Friday, December 19, 2008


That is what one of the weathermen were calling this
first snow storm of three that we are going to get
in the next few days. This is the same system that
is hitting the north east US

This pic was taken around 3:30pm. It started snowing
here around 9:00am and it is still snowing. The next
storm is due Sunday, and then after that another
one on Christmas Eve day.

Pretty, no? At least if you aren't out on the roads!


Unknown said...

we are getting that snow too! fun stuff. it is kinda nice... at first. lol

Sue said...

Yeah, it's nice if you are cozy inside!
Today is dazzingly beautiful - sun shining and it looks like a winter wonderland! Another blast due tomorrow. I like a white Christmas, but there is 'white' and then there is

suzanne.artist said...

Hello Sue! love your blog and now your link is on my blog roll!

We in CT are now enduring frozen rain over the snow, any one care to skate to work with me tomorrow?

Am also enjoying your website will spend more time on it soon to view your exquisite work.