Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm An Addict lace

Last Friday for my birthday I did some shopping at Michaels and a couple of other art/craft shops and have two large bags of supplies to put away. I decided I better organize and do a thorough cleaning of my little room first and thought I would start with the 6 drawer tower that I store my beaded and metallic laces in. These drawers now contained other laces and bits and bobs (I tend to throw stuff anywhere and everywhere when I'm working). They were a mess.

The pic above shows some of the lace from the first 4 drawers of my tower AFTER working for 5 hours yesterday

I'm now starting to refill the first three drawers as I sort and organize

I was initially going to also go through my upstairs room where I have my vintage textiles and clothing stored but wisely decided against it - I do hope to get to work on a figure this weekend!

Last evening I looked like one of these gals - blurry eyes and totally covered in lint and 100 year old lace dust.... and due to the huge mess that I have now created in my room, I'm pretty sure I still have a defeated glare on my face .

Where did all the dust and lint come from? Some of the metallic and beaded laces were still attached to remnants of 1900s dresses, primarily silks that had shattered. As the lace and any salvageable trimming is removed, clouds of 100 year old dust poufs up. Pieces like the part of an Edwardian bodice below:

By the end of the day, my sneezing, coughing and itchy eyes clued me in that I really should have been wearing some kind of protective gear

Workplace hazards? Probably, and if I have anymore fabric/lace to dismantle today, I will wear a mask. A huge perk to a thorough organization like this however is finding pieces of laces that one forgets they have. The three shown below are an example of some trims that I came across yesterday that were tucked at the back of a drawer, their beauty totally forgotten. I still have two drawers of the tower to go through...........hee - like finding treasure!

Before I do anymore sorting though, I'm going to check out the antique lace on Ebay and Etsy. My name is Sue and I'm a lace addict.


Anonymous said...

"Step away from ebay and etsy... Step away..."

I'm a laceaholic also Sue, but don't have near the stash as you do (secretly jealous : )... Gail Lackey is a friend of mine and you and her could have a field day in old lace and clothing! She also is quite the collector!

I think I'm the far left woman in that picture LOL!

I am admiring you this Saturday morning~

essie said...

drowl drowl drowl.
No I'm not an addict, oh I am!
No I'm not in denial, oh I am!
My stash is not that big, oh it is!
Ebay, Etsy.....yessss a girl is always in need for that one particular piece of lace, that is not an adict. LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL~ yes they are fun to watch... they are hilarious: )

My word verification for the previous post I wrote was:
Maybe lace activity? LOL

And patee how wild is that!
Have a great week-end Sue!

Debby said...

hehehe...This is an awesome post. I love all your lace, beautiful. If I have to be an addict,this is the once I want to be...
Happy Shopping!

Vilt og vakkert said...

I landed her on my inspiring journey. Think I stay for a while ;:OD)
Have a nice week!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Oh my oh my what GORGEOUS laces you have Sue!

Happy Birthday sweet lady!! :)

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Sue! Happy belated birthday! You are so cute! Wonderful post! I just loved the exhausted women and gas mask photo. Your stash of laces are amazing. Wishing you blessings on your organization and creations! Have a lovely day!

Lisa :)

Tristan Robin said...

your stash is simply amazing ... I'm pea-green with envy!

no wonder your dolls always look so regal and elegant and "historical" - they're wearing all this textile art!

Ingrid Mida said...

Hi Sue,
Happy Birthday my friend! May much joy and delight come your way.
What a treasure trove you have. All that lace makes my heart flutter. A dust mask might be a good idea for next time. Good luck!

julie said...

Wonderful stash, wonderful mess. I have drawers and bags that all need sorting, some tossing and certainly some untangling and organizing...For the past few months I've only been using stuff from the top layers in my figures...going deeper feels out of the question. And then there is that little fact that very often after I've organized I can't find's a strange thing.
hug, hug

yoborobo said...

Sue! LOL! I love that picture of those women. The poor things. GAWD, life was hard. Much nicer to just shop for lace on the internet - WAIT! Don't do it! hahah! I am so completely jealous of your horde. :) Do you ever have trouble using it? Sometimes I buy a piece of old fabric, thinking I am going to sew something from it, and I can't make myself do it!
xo Pam

Unknown said...

OMG I'm sooooo jealous!!!! I love lace but don't have nearly as much as you... Oh and that metallic lace- droool. Give me a coupla' years. I'll catch up.

Pearl said...

What a stash! I would love to help you go through it all, but then you would have to give me some. So squash that idea. I'm doing the same thing right now and I'm like do I need all of this? No because mine is junk so I'm throwing and organizing so I can buy new junk! Soooo glad I don't do Ebay I would be a antique -a- holic. Nice post

Deirdra Doan said...

Oh lace and doll heaven! I am going to be looking for lots of textiles and oddities for dolls and fiber things in Europe...something light for a change. I used to bring back china all the time...between my cloths..I will have to get a wonderful stash a tiny bit like yours. Just before I got into dolls ( a few years ago) I gave some beaded things I bought 1970 at an old fabric shop in Tampa FL. From the 20's or earlier. But I gave them to a bead friend..darn..could use them now.

Your dreamy doll faces are so beautiful!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

OK, that photo is just too great@ And, your lace collection? BeAUtiFuL!

mycuriousteaparty said...

'Your out of the closet at last'.

Admitting your addiction is the first step on the road to recovery. Well done you have been so brave.

Now to continue progress you have to visit all flea markets, second hand shops, boot sales, charity shops and visit any garage sales in a thirty five mile radius...oh and don't forget any friends or relatives that are throwing out very old clothing with that 'addiction' of yours attached. (I won't mention that word again) in case it sets you off again....

Luckily you have the right type of addiction the only way to relieve the symptoms is to beg, buy or be given some 'lace' opps! I've said it....

If you email me your address I'll see what I can do at the car boot sale this morning.

~ Julie

Linda Searle Dolls said...

Hey Sue, I'm drooling looking at your lace and fabrics. What a treasure trove. I'm a fabrice/texture freak and buy old lace just for the pleasure of having it - not even intending to use it for any particular purpose. I suppose I can be called an addict?

Lynn Stevens said...

hahaha, too funny! I wonder if theres an AA for lace addicts? You have got to have the best collection I've ever seen. Bravo to you for getting them organized. I never know quite how to store them.

Healing Woman said...

I'm wondering what those women with the tired faces could have been doing to put them in such a state. I've definitely been there though.

Your lace collection is wonderful. I love antique looking fabrics for my sculpture as you do for your dolls. I'm constantly on the lookout for lace and fabric. Also, I appreciate your admitting to creating messily. I knew I couldn't be the only artist around like that.

Ayala Art said...

Great post, and happy belated b-day! I had fun admiring your collection and the pics, thanks for sharing!

Holly Loves Art said...

Love your blog! I love lace and fabric... buttons... It's a fun addiction! Thank you for sharing all the pretty pictures to drool over.
Have a great day.

chopoli said...

Hi Sue,
beautiful materials you have!!! And great photos- I appreciate a lot! Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog! regards,Tatjana

Anonymous said...

Haha, I always love reading your posts. Your humor and insights are so refreshing. Thanks for making me smile today! xo

Terri Kahrs said...

Fabulous post, Sue!!! Happy, Happy Belated Birthday!!! May your year be filled with good friend, good health, lots of laughs and tons of art!

I'm swooning and drooling over your lace pictures. What a marvelous collection. So sorry to hear that you had an allergy attack, but I'm sure your collection is now readily at hand. Love the vintage pics you've used to illustrate your points! LOL! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Vicki/Jake said...

Have fun Sue and yes, wear the mask..ya never know what might be in the addicting stuff (o: