Friday, October 22, 2010

Fluffy and Crisp

Fluffy as in the first snow that hit parts of Ontario overnight and early this morning...

Cheryl McIssac, Barrie, ON Oct. 22, 2010, Weather Network

No snow here, in my little corner yet - just crisp, cool, beautiful Fall weather.

Skip Pothier, Port Perry, ON.  The Weather Network
There is so much about Autumn that I love.  The air is so fresh (none of that horrid summer humidity), cool and crisp.  The turning colours of the leaves is stunning and the heady, unique scent of fallen leaves always makes me smile.

How many of you remember scenes like this, from when you were younger?  When we moved to this small town over 20 years ago, people were still allowed to burn their leaves.  Sadly for us, (but better for the air quality), we are no longer permitted.
Speaking of crisp ....can anything beat the taste of an early Fall apple?  Not only super yummy, but so healthy for you!
An Apple A Day by Bird Doodle on Etsy

Apples are a perfect snack - portable, handy and delicious.

And apples are readily available (no need to resort to 'stealing' one - this is NOT what is meant by picking apples)

Delight in the fun of going to an orchard and picking your own.
  No orchard close by? An open air farmer's market is the next best thing.

And failing that,  you just know at this time of year there will be a huge selection at your local grocer's.

Whatever you have planned for this weekend, enjoy the weather and also an apple (or two).

If you are jonesing for
"fluffy", have a marshmallow!  I like winter and find the first snow fall very enchanting, but it is still just a bit too early!


Anonymous said...


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Lisa said...

I love getting comments that lead me to amazing blogs like yours! Your art dolls are simply stunning. I have just recently become obsessed with them since the first 'Prims' was published. I respect the art so much because I have not one clue how to make one. Love your apples, Shorpy is one of my fave stops! Lisa

Unknown said...

I am so jealous that there is snow where you live!! I love the snow so much that I leave a swag hanging in my kitchen all year through that says SNOW with little snowmen all the way around...even during our sweltering summer. People who visit must think I am
I am going to get me an apple now, for some reason I am hungry for
Great Post!
Dessa Rae

mycuriousteaparty said...

Hi Sue

Love your apple post, my husband used to 'get' his apples when he was young at the 'scrumping' shop... you had to hop over a neighbours fence or wall and scrump you apples, then run like hell.

Money was very tight, and a juicy red apple over the neighbours garden was too tempting..

He turned out ok despite his scrumping exploites, I don't think that he would be agile or fast enough these days, it was about 50 years ago..

Have a good weekend, thinking of you all the time.

~ Julie

yoborobo said...

I love Fall, too! And apples. :) We are very lucky to live down the road from an orchard where you can pick your own. Oddly, it is so busy there this time of year, that I go to one further north - lol! I am NOT ready for Winter at all. I would love weeks more of this gorgeous weather, and the lovely light through the leaves. Thinking of you and Nicole! xox!!

michelleK said...

Pink Lady's are the best apple's ever created. Yummmoooo

Dianie said...

Hi Sue!
Hey I think that Ontario weather has moved to Northern Utah! We are expecting our first official snow today :) taking a look at the sky and the thick clouds hanging on the mountains I think the weather man is right.

I do remember when we burned leaves in the Fall. It is no longer permitted in the city limits here.. but you can smell them burning from the farms on the outside of the city.

The pics are gorgeous!!

I think I will go have me an apple :)


Leslie said...

Congratulations Sue!! You won the drawing for the ring in my blog give away! Send me an email with your address at

Also, I am green with envy at your cold weather and snow!! It is still warm and sunny here in good ol' Texas. ;) Love all the images in your post too!!


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Ah yes..lovely fall! My favorite season for certain. I do remember the smell of burning was wonderful. You have shared so great photos as well! Love the first one with the little boy with the whole apple in his mouth, hamming for the camers I'm sure!

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

I love the photos! How I wish the weather would cool here in South Florida, but it is a beautiful sunny day. I actually purchased some apples today, it has been a while since I've eaten one. I hope you will enjoy one too.
Have a beautiful weekend,

Malisa said...

Oh, my gosh! The photos of the trees are gorgeous! I love autumn too! In the part of Texas I live in, you can still burn leaves. I can't believe it, but you can! Not another smell like them! I can't even imagine snow closing in on you. We still have 85 degree weather here! Sigh.


Nun of a Kind! said...

Great pictures, as always! Autumn is my favourite time of year!! I am going to have an apple new favourite, "Honey Crisp"! :)

Tracy Nuskey Dodson said...

great photos! i always love the old timey group pictures.
we went apple picking last weekend and i have to admit that my 4 year old nephew was carrying no less than four apples, all with a big bite taken out. they should have weighed him before and after picking:)
enjoy your fine fall day!!

Anonymous said...

I love all your photo's!!! Washington State is the apple country of the USA!

Unfortunately I have a small allergic reaction to apples... I can only have a bite or two!

Still thinking and praying for your beautiful daughter...


Unknown said...

SNOW!? Already for you guys? I love it! :) We definitely have Fall weather and I love it :)

Apples are great too, I like making mine into PIES :)

Pearl said...

Love the fall too, the apples are the best! We use to make home made cyder every year, the whole family got involed and it was good times. Have fun with the leaves, Pearl

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the old school kids photos, wonderful!

Sandra Evertson

Lynn Stevens said...

Feeling that same fall crisp air here and we have hundreds of apples that have fallen from our trees out back. I think I'll grab a few today for some baked apples! yum yum.
Hope things are going well Sue, your both in my prayers!