Tuesday, December 16, 2008

8' x 10' ~ Clockwise From The Door

My studio, my room, my place to create. Yes, it is small, it is in the basement, it is cluttered and a slight mess at the moment and has no windows, but it is all mine. My sanctuary where I can close the door, put on music and play with clay, my antique laces, trims
and all my wonderful found objects.


AngelaMichelle said...

Because your blog rocks and so do you, I have bestowed you with the coveted Marie Antoinette award! the rules of the game are posted at Angela Michelle Dolls.

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

It is funny how we love our spaces:) Small or large they are "OUR" place:) My room is probably about the same size as your but I have a window and two door, cuts into my wall space!! But I love it.
I am happy to see that I am not the ony one who collects chairs. lol

Thanks for sharing your space i enjoyed looking at it.


Sue said...

LOL Jacqui, I have a 'thing' for chairs, but I rarely use them! Weird.

I actually used them more when I sculpted larger.

Ahhhh, a window! One of these years
I will move up to a bedroom (just have a little matter of two daughters who still want their rooms when they
are home). Until then though - this space is mine! All mine! LOL

Unknown said...

HI fellow basement workshop dweller. lol
thanks for sharing your workshop, I love getting a peek of the people behind there work.

pumpkinhaus said...

I love seeing your workspace! This may sound silly.... do you bake your dolls in the dutch oven? I covet one of those anyways, and if you can do that with it.... I want one even more now!

Sue said...

Ah Nicole, nice to know I'm not the only one working in a 'cave'.

Dani, I used to use my regular oven but it was really hard to regulate a constant temp. I found this roaster oven at a church yard sale, brand new, for $15.00 and I love it.

I know of several artists that use these roaster ovens with excellent results. The temp
stays constant, it is handy, and it uses very little energy.