Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Killing Game and Decisions

I didn't need a gun, but if what I killed is any indication of what is to come, I just may!

Was uploading pics to my computer and noticed something buzzing around my head. Swatted at it several times to no avail and finally managed to render the beast senseless when it alighted on my arm.

Thinking I had just killed a moth I was amazed to see it was a MOSQUITO!!!

Checked the date to make sure I wasn't in some weird twilight dimension....yep, it is March 20, 2010. I'm still in my house in Ontario - and, we do not get mosquitoes in March! It has been sunny and balmy (around 55F, 12C) for the last week ...but really!!!

Global warming? Maybe

After my battle with the bug, I uploaded my pics. I'm working on a monochromatic challenge piece for ADO and decided to do a bust. Work has been slow as my wrist is still giving me quite a bit of grief with numbness and tingling, (painting the eyes with pins and needle fingers was not fun!)... but I'm up to the finishing costuming stage.

I'm going with an ivory/light tan colourway and started looking through my laces. I spent several hours last night trying to find the right combo of lace and fabric to use on her headpiece and bust area and have still not made a decision!

I'm drowning in lace!

This is one of four of the large bins I have of vintage/antique lace

The tower of beaded and metallic antique lace and trims

I have more lace upstairs in our third bedroom and am forcing myself to not even go there - I can't make up my mind with just the choices I have in my little studio

I would pull out several laces and then discard them (too yellow, too light, too dark, too dull, etc). Early on in my selection process I decided on a trim I wanted to use, but finding fabric and lace to match it is proving rather time consuming. I'm hoping to get this piece done this weekend but am not any closer to making a decision than I was last night. This is how I left her:

Does anyone else ever go through this? I often have trouble deciding on the fabric and trims that I want to use on a piece


MLBetterly said...

ALL OF THE TIME! I make myself crazy. Someone asked me once why I never show the finished pieces. That I share WIP pics but then they never get to see it finished. My answer: Because it still isn't finished! Sigh.... I'll get stuck and then move on to another project while I ponder the previous one. The good thing is, it shows you give a lot of thought to your pieces and don't just slap things together. P.S. I'm envious of your lace stash! lol
I think the bust will be amazing it already is!

Tristan Robin said...

OMG - that tower of metallic laces - those oohs and aahs are coming from New Haven!

She's going to be lovely - she's already lovely, and she's not even dressed!

We don't get many mosquitoes around here - but BEES - oh yeah.

Vicki/Jake said...

What??? A MOSQUITO in March? Scary...
Kinda like my fly sitting on the snow post...UNREAL..Kinda like the lace stash you have there (o:
I understand the 'choices' dilemma, but you'll know it's the right thing when you see it. She's beautiful no matter what you use Sue. You're just amazing...

julie campbell said...

Sue ,she is so beautiful already !
I am exactly the same and can waste hours and hours trying to find the perfect trim, usually going back to the first I instinctively picked up LOL cant wait tosee her finished,
julie xxx

Anonymous said...

She is wonderful Sue... I love her eyes!

I do this same thing... Sometimes I think it's because I have toooo much to chose from!!!

Yes I think it is Global Warming ~ we got spring in February... flies but no mosquitoes yet.

Healing Woman said...

Several thoughts about your post. First the mosquito. I haven't seen a mosquito yet but we have been infested in our area with what everyone seems to call "stink bugs." (Virginia, USA)
There are literally hundreds of them invading our homes. Why? I've not ever seen these creatures until about 2 years ago. I have a theory about them but will refrain for now.

Next, your studio is just so clean! At least your storage bins. Oh how I wish I could keep my embellishments in such good order.

The face of your doll. What a delight to look at. She is just so lovely.

Think that covers it for now!


Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi Sue, I wouldn't want you to drown in laces, so just send them over to me to save your life, lol! I know what you mean with making decisions especially when there are too many choices. Your doll looks fabulous already!
Have a wonderful weekend!

julietk said...

If I had a lace stash as large as yours I might :-D but I have just one basket of Ribbons and lace.
She looks stunning.

Ingrid Mida said...

Your vintage laces are dreamy. Don't doubt yourself Sue. She is already beautiful as is everything you do!

Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Hi Sue! Your little lady is looking gorgeous and coming along nicely. ;-)
I am the same way with laces, can never have too much. LOL
But I don't stop there...I also have tons of ribbons, fabric and notions. I think it is a common thread amongst all of us artists and crafters! LOL
Enjoy the process.... ;-)

kj said...

sue, this is the first time i have been to your blog. she is STUNNING. her facial expression is mystical-magical.

i am very glad you will be contributing to renee's book of love.

please spread the word however possible. i for one am loving hearing about what my moon sister gave and received from all her other friends.


Nun of a Kind! said...

I can understand your dilemma in choosing the perfect touches...which is why your work is so wonderful, reflecting the detailed attention you give to your creations. As for would be fabric for Santas, angels, that sort of work. That is why I have a storage unit to hold it all! As for the "Sisters" and white will do it!

Debby said...

She is beautiful, beautiful. Look at all your pretty lace, YUM!!!!

Lynn Stevens said...

I'd like to be drowning in your stash of lace, but alas I only have a little, Your art is so Lovely. I'll be watching to see its completition.

Doll Project said...

Oh my! We had a bee fly in the house a few weeks ago. I wasn't ready for it. Spring came awfully fast.

It is funny to find your post about laces as I just finished sorting mine this week. Yours look like they would be a bit of a nightmare to sort ;p.

I am just returning to the world of blogging after a is good to see you again!

Jessica Hamilton

Unknown said...

I have saved it for later

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