Monday, March 29, 2010

Like Victorian?

A couple of weeks ago, I answered a quiz question correctly on my friend Tristan's blog, Enchanted Revelry

and I won the prize! Had no idea what the prize was, but having followed Tristan's blog for over a year, I knew it would be something wonderful. (Note - for those of you who do not follow Tristan's blog, you should! Never a dull moment!).

On Friday I received a parcel from Victorian Trading Co. and excitedly tore into it. Victorian Trading Co. is a fabulous site and if you crave anything Victorian, they have it. The fashions are amazing (AND if desired, you can get most of them in plus sizes). The accessories, home decor, jewelry, paper goods.......everything - drool-worthy. Expensive? some of the items yes, but their sale items are priced very reasonably. The first item I came to in the box was a catalogue for V.T. and oh my! Sheer eyecandy. I think the catalogue shows their products better than the website.

Anyway, my prize from Tristan is 4 Mercury Glass Votive holders. They look lovely when the candles are lit (unfortunately, my battery is dead in my camera at the moment, so the pic below is from the Victorian Trading site).

I had three of these lit the other night with a couple of larger pillar candles and they looked so pretty!

Thank you Tristan!


Tristan Robin said...

You're most welcome - and I'm very glad that you liked them.

I knew that I had to choose something fab for your knowing what those bizarre fashions were all about!

(I have some of those votives, too - I like them now, but can't wait to use them at Hallowe'en time!)

Vicki/Jake said...

Oh these are VERY Righteous!...see comment on last post (o:

I've seen Tristan comment here a lot a

And ya, think I'll go see him..

woohoo..I remembered this time!!

Debby said...

WOW!!!! What a fabulous gift, beautiful. Tristan is simply the best.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful gift!!!!!!!!!! Ooh and they would be a scary delight at Halloween time!!!!!!! One smart Lucky Chicky!!!!

Unknown said...

Ooooh, Lucky you! Congrats, the votives look wonderful :)

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Congratulations Sue, those votives are Fantastic..Leave it to Tristan to pick just the right thing....