Friday, March 5, 2010

A Slight Deviation From Planned Post

Fabulous Giveaway!

I had planned on featuring the OWOH items I had received and hope to do that later, however wanted to alert everyone to this wonderful and rather 'Alice' themed bracelet giveaway that Sherry Goodloe of Got Art? is hosting.

Sherry is so creative and talented. She did a series of these playing card jewelry pieces that sold out as soon as she placed them on the shelves in her Etsy shop (she has lots of other cool items in her shop however, so check it out).

One of the avenues Sherry has been working on lately are Zentangles. What are 'Zentangles'? To find out more, visit her blog and in the meantime, pictured below is one of Sherry's wonderful Zentangle creations.

So, to enter to win the Playing Card (personalized) bracelet, or just to be inspired, hop on over and visit Sherry .


Lisa Gatz said...

What a great giveaway that Sherry is hosting! I will surely check it out.

Guess what?? You're the winner of the Steampunk Fish Downloadable Project! I really think you'll love it.

I will send it to you through email. If you can't receive files that large, let me know and I can send it another way...through yousendit.


Thank you for helping me advertise!

Unknown said...

Hey Sue!

This is funny, I was going to post my OWOH winnings as well today, and then those plans got diverted. Hmmmm...great minds think alike?

I will have to go see Sherry, her work looks amazing! :)

Sherry Goodloe said...

Ooooh Sue, what a nice blog post you did for my weekend give-away. Thank you so much. And GOOD LUCK! xo

Nun of a Kind! said...

The creative talent that so many people, particularly people that you know, Sue, amazes me! Love the bracelet....and the Playing card. Lucky are they who win! (she says as she heads over to enter the contest....)

noiln said...

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